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  1. Hi i am currently looking into colleges/universities with rn programs. Are you attending a rn schools in nj, and if so how would you rate the program on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the highest. also i overheard someone saying the william paterson has a very low nclex passing rate. and also i heard cadwell college have a new bsn program. does anyone attend that school?
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  3. by   mugs
    I got accepted in to St.Francis School of Nursing for Fall 2012.It is an ADN program. I heard they have good NCLEX passing rate. I am not sure how to rate it between 1-5 though.
  4. by   Dumplins
    i've actually heard william patterson has a really great program. never heard anything about low pass rates though.

    i just graduated from seton hall's program this past august. overall, i'd say the program was good. in terms of the classes, course structure, and instructors, i'd rate it a high 4. almost 5.

    BUT..things dont seem to run smoothly there. they have a hard time finding clinical instructors (and thus leads to little clinical spot openings for students). they also have a hard time finding clinical locations. i went about 2 weeks into a semester without being assigned a clinical instructor or clinical location.
    if you're planning on taking summer classes, that's one of the hardest things. IF there even is an opening for classes, they'll only accept roughly 9-10 people (10 per clinical instructor). the rest are put in a huge waitlist. they say it's done according to your GPA (which i know is false because i got accepted into summer clinicals and i compared my GPA with a few others whose gpa was higher than mine).

    just my thoughts on the program
  5. by   Jennifer425RN2B
    Hello, have you thought about attending a community college? I have been attending OCC for 2 years and the way things work there is first you are considered to be pre-nursing meaning that you are taking all your prerequisite classes. Once you take all your prereq's and pass the teas test you have you date of completion. Once you have your date of completion they say you have a 2-3 semester waiting list till you get in. In the mean time take your prereq's towards your Bachelors degree while waiting and then this way when you graduate with your ASN you can go right into nursing for your BSN, plus you'll save a lot of money! Good Luck!
  6. by   mamaxmaria
    I was just accepted to felician college as a transfer student. I went to the open house and from what I could tell it seems like a great program. They are known to have an excellent BSN program.. only requirement is a 3.0 GPA. In your senior year they also have a nurse residency program to help the transition from student to RN

    I would check it out, they can be a bit prices but are generous with grants and scholarships

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