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    I became an RN in 2011 and still haven't been able to find a hospital job because every facility asks for experience but very few are willing to train. I'm almost done with my BSN so hopefully things will get better but in the meantime I need a job ASAP. I've worked in community health so far. My last job was at a school but since they closed I've been unemployed for months now. Does anyone now of any RN residency programs in New Jersey? I feel like it's the only I can get proper training and gain the confidence I need to work in acute care.


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    Trinitas hospital will be having a Emergency Room Nurse Residency. Contact the Education deptartment i think you can find their number on Trinitas Hospital Website. I think its $3700 for 12 weeks.
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    Thanks a lot!
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    Hey Nurses. Naya, I believe you and I are more or less in the same boat with this Residency. I also graduated in 2011 but have just a year of experience homecare/private duty. Private duty is REALLY no experience in a way, hopefully they'll take account of that. If not well I'll tell them to hire me anyway since I DO have experience : -)
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    that is insane!!!! hahahha

    sadly, it has piqued my interest. do they guarantee you a job afterwards?
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    Nothing that says so on the flyer. I wonder what can you do with that if they don't afterwards?
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    Can anyone share they experience with this program.
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    Rutgers also offers one, and it also costs a few thousand for 12 weeks or so. No guarantee of employment after, however I've heard anecdotally that many were hired.
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    Morristown Memorial also has a program for new grads. They are a lot in NY as well. If location isn't too much of a worry, try getting a license endorsement for NY.

    But lol, we're in the same boat. The job market has been rough.