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PRN Job for ICU, OR, or ER

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    Where in South Jersey is there a good place to find PRN work in ER, ICU, or OR. I am an experienced nurse (14 yrs) looking for PRN work to supplement my income while I attend CRNA school.
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    Hello SRNA4U.
    I read that you took biochem from Berkeley Extension. I need to take that as well. Do you remember the name of the professor? Can I have your email? Thank you so much
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    I don't remember the professor. I last took that class back in 2006. There is only one professor for the class. If you go to their website, you might be able to see who's teaching the class. The class wasn't that bad. You get 6 months to complete the course and it's self-paced. I did it in 3 months. I had an 84 on the final exam and an 84 for my overall average. That gave me a B- out of the class.
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    Thanks. I appreciate your response