Please help- did I pass the TEAS?

  1. Hello! I'm new to this site, and a future nursing student! I recently took the TEAS to apply for the Monmouth County LPN Program and I have my results.... just not sure if they're passing or failing. Here's my question- did I need to pass all 4 sections of the test, or just need to pass with my overall grade? What constitutes a pass/fail? Does it have anything to do with all the national/program averages? Someone please help! I'm anxious to know either way!
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  3. by   Jag815

    I believe that you only need your overall grade to pass the entrance test, but I could be wrong. I've applied to Monmouth County Vo Tech's LPN program and was told that you "just need to pass the TEAS exam". I was also told that science doesn't count, but math does.

    When did you take your test? How long did it take you to get your results? I plan on taking mine in Nov and am really ancy to get into the program.
  4. by   miraalexmom
    Jag- I took the test on Tuesday, October 21 at 8:30 am.... and my results were up on the ATI site by 4 pm that same day! I actually called the lpn program office the next day to help me read my results. It turns out that you need to pass the reading, english and math by meeting the "program average" or exceeding it. (the program average is clearly listed next to your scores for all 4 subjects for you to compare to your to determine a passing or failing grade) The person I spoke with also told me that even though you don't need to pass the science section, if there's a toss between 2 people with one opening in the Februaury session, they'll take the one who passed the science first, and wait list the person who failed the science.

    Anyway.... I am so glad to say that I passed all four sections..... and am praying for a February start date! Good luck on your test!
  5. by   miraalexmom
    Hi Jag- I got your private message but for some reason I can't figure out how to reply to it!
    To answer your questions, yes, I did study from a book. I actually purchased to ATI TEAS study guide right from the ATI website. The only thing that sucks is that there's so much in the book to study that COULD appear on the test, but there's only 40 or so questions in each section, so even though you study the whole book, the majority of it isn't on the test.
    And yes, for the February session, they already of half the class full and are taking about 30 that pass the test this season.... Whether you get in or not is determined by your application date, and then whether you passed three or the four sections!
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  7. by   amy4evacute
    What is a passing score on the TEAS??????????
  8. by   Lovely_RN
    It depends on the program. My program required an overall grade of 70% or better with no section less than 45% But that doesn't mean anything when everyone scores above that....they just take the top scorers. So if you got a 70% overall with no less than 45% in anything and the next person gets a 90% guess who is going to get in? Yep passing scores mean's the top scorers that get to go to the next phase of the admissions process.

    Quote from amy4evacute
    What is a passing score on the TEAS??????????
  9. by   miraalexmom
    Well, considering I PASSED and GOT IN, I guess I scored higher than most!
  10. by   amy4evacute
    It doesnt matter who get higher than who because my nursing program is that i will get a guranteed sopt in Samuel Merritt College if i pass the TEAS..i just dont know what their requirements are...or what the national average is..since they are just getting ready to replace the NEt with the TEAS. Please help. thanks!
  11. by   LUFC
    I am so tired of all these little idiot tests. During my career I was confronted with LSAT, GMAT, TEAS, TABE, SAGE and god knows what else. I had the fortune to be educated in Europe and nowhere do they test you like an little child after you graduate from High School or University like here. My BA Degree from the US was sufficient to get me into law schools in England and Germany without any stupid tests. I think academic performance at a high school or University is above these childish tests. It is a poor indicator about a persons ability and a distrust in our own educational system. Believe me I did poorly in my SAT's oh here is another one, and was told that I would not survive college. I graduated CUM LAUDE in the top 10 % of the country. These tests are just money makers for a broken educational system. Good luck to all of you.
  12. by   CJM L.P.N.
    To LUCF thank you I so needed to hear this....
    I know it's been sometime since you post this
    but THANK YOUfrom bottom of my
  13. by   tiss
    Amen to that, what people don't know is that it takes more than your brain to be a good nurse. Some people want to be a nurse for the money while some do it for the passion they have for it.
  14. by   LUFC
    What can I say. A Nurse without a brain is dangerous and what is "more than your brain"? How many doctors are in the profession for the money? I know several. How many Lawyers are in the legal field for the money? As a legal studies major I know quiet a few. How many people are enrolling right now in the Nursing program because they can not find jobs? You can have a passion for Nursing but if you can not make any intelligent decisions in critical situations, what good is your passion? Your comment is somewhat correct but belongs more in the subject Philosophy. Thank you and best of luck to you.

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