Im deciding if I should do the BCIT lpn program, and if I should do the 2 yr night or 14 month day. Can anyone tell me where (I know it can change) they ususally have done clinicals and what times??... Read More

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    Hi,I hope this information gets to you on time. I graduated from the evening program few years ago (2 year program in Medford) and worked 4 days a week. Classes run from 5pm-10pm and only 3 day per week, clinicals are arranged according the hours required for the particular course/semester but you will have clinicals during the week and one Saturday a month only. I recommend the evening program because if you have to work you will be able study much more. The day program its very intense and stressful unless you dont have to work it will be very difficult for you. Your education is like an investment, make sure that this is what you want and commit yourself to attend classes and do your class work, there is no much time for social life. The program is a bit expensive because there is no financial aid available therefore, make sure you study and pass all the modules, no refund is granted if you fail a course and you cannot repeat the next semester either. There are students from different age groups. I wish you the best in this journey that you are contemplating, hope you make a wise decision soon, seats are very limited.

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    I have my test next week, so I'm taking the first steps! I think I'm leaning more toward the night program,although I'd love to do the day! I have a mortgage and bills so... I guess 2yrs it is! Are you now an rn, or an LPN? If you did your RN afterward where did you do it? I knwo this is alot of questions but, what was the HW load like, Where did you do most of your clinicals,did you have school over the summer(i know some programs don't) where were you able to get a job at and if you don't mind what was your base pay?Theres so much info out there my head is spinning, I'm trying to get a grasp on it all. Thank you for the help!
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    I'm in the day program and intense doesn't begin to describe it. I was fired right b/f the beginning of class and it was a blessing in disguise. Granted we do get finished faster, but it is a lot of work. Clinical days for Westampton right now are Thursday and Friday, but not every Thursday and Friday. It will vary based on the course you are in. Generally, clinicals in one rotation last for about 4 weeks. The good part is that you get out earlier than a regular class day. If you have any questions let me know. I don't know much about the night class just that they only get the same 8 excused absences that we do b/f you are dismissed from the program.
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    I have tried to get info about BCIT's LPN, they were unclear, sounds like 2011 is full and they are only doing part time. I emailed Ms. B and I am awaiting a reply. Does anyone know the status of their LPN programs and if they are full for 2011?


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