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  1. Hello everyone! I am applying for UMDNJ's Spring 2012 ABSN program and am having a difficult time writing a personal statement. I'm so nervous about not writing an essay that is "good enough". Do you guys have any suggestions for things I should include in my essay? I would really appreciate input from those who have already been accepted to nursing programs. Thanks alot!
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  3. by   enilrek
    I want to write a really good one because I know that my qualifications are not that strong :-(

    A&P I - A
    A& P II - C+
    Microbiology - A
    Chemistry - C
    Developimental Psych - A-
    Psychology - B+
    Sociology - B

    GPA 3.08
    Psych Major

    Do you guys think I have a chance tho I meet the bare minimums?
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  4. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    Hello, i wrote one for UMDNJ and been accepted. i basically talked about why I want to be a nurse. I don't have any kind of hospital experience;however, I wrote about my 6 months volunteer experience in high school in which I helped people with disabilities. I related this experience with my personality, commitment and future goals and stuff and wrote about 2 pages. Volunteer experience from high school sounds like too long ago, but i think it somewhat made my personal statement look ok?!! idk..anyway I personally think writing a personal statement is easier than writing for a given topic. Good luck!!!!
  5. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    p.s. you need statistics pre-req as well!
  6. by   enilrek
    Thanks alot!! I forgot about Statistic, I took it and got a B-. And I think you're right, guess it is better then being given a prompt. I was debating whether volunteer experience from college was too long ago, but I guess that should be okay now lol.

    And Congratulations!!!
  7. by   piscesgrl389
    i actually wrote about my job as a unit clerk and recreational aide having to deal with dementia patients, personal experiences on how nurses has affected my life as well as my love for science classes ( i wrote how i loved science and math classes cause i like to be challenged and thrive at it). I actually had to edit mine alot and asked my friend to help me proofread my essay.. my 1st draft was awful, i had a hard time writing only 500 word and my idea and what i want to write about was all over the place! But she gave me really good advise on what to write since she runs a scholarship program at my ungrad school and looks at essays every day. Basically you want to brag about yourself What qualities about you make you the better candidate? What experiences/ leadership can you bring/ demonstrated. Tell them why you are a great candidate, your great qualities, and why you think/ know UMDNJ is great for you and how you'd be great for them. It's hard to get it into 500 words but they they want to see if you can be articulate in 500 words. That alone is a huge seller for yourself and the best impression you can give them, that you got all of your ideas across clearly and concisely.

    GL! =)
  8. by   enilrek
    Thanks y'all! Welp, I finally finished it, and had someone look over it for me. I submitted my application yesterday so now it's the waiting game for me. Hope these next few months fly by lol
  9. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    Great! good luck!!
  10. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    Hi! I'm currently in the ABSN program. For my personal statement I talked about the reasons why I wanted to become a nurse (personal experiences such as a family member being sick, volunteering experience), I talked about what it means to be a nurse, and what it means to make a difference. Most importantly I talked about my positive qualities and what is about ME that would make me a good nurse and what I would bring to the field of nursing. Hope that helps
  11. by   LynnMcFarlane
    Good luck to all applicants and admitted students! To see some photos of events and programs in the life of UMDNJ nursing students, visit our page on Flickr.

    I also post regular updates on the UMDNJ-School of Nursing page on Facebook

    Hope you are all having a great summer.

    Lynn McFarlane
    director of communications and marketing at UMDNJ-SN

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