Per Diem rates in NJ for new grads

  1. As one of many on what seems to be an exhausting job hunt, I've heard more and more stories of new grads getting their first jobs as per diem nurses, even interviewing for one myself. As a nursing student, we were always told per diem jobs were an impossibility without experience. Since they seem to be within reach, how would one negotiate a per diem rate as a new grad? Is there any room for negotiation in this? I assumed per diem rates were very individual depending on the type of floor and experience that particular nurse had, so how does a new grad fit in? Anyone know what would be considered a high/low range?
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  3. by   LucasRN
    Per diem rates are usually a set rate across the board because you would not be eligible for any benefits. Depending on which area you will be working in, a per diem rate can be anywhere from 35 to 40$ an hour. LTC is usually in the lower 30's with a differential for the weekend. Good Luck.
  4. by   NJRNtobe
    Thanks for the response. Would you consider that $35-40/hour in a teaching hospital in central NJ is reasonable or do you think it could be much lower/higher than that?
  5. by   LucasRN
    I definitely think that is the average per diem rate. I would expect that since you are a new grad you will have an extensive orientation , a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before you are put on the schedule as a per diem. Good luck.
  6. by   anjresident
    did you have get a per diem job? how is the pay?
  7. by   RnM21
    Jersey City Medical Center $50/hour weekdays, $60 Weekends for both night/day shifts
  8. by   DaddyO
    Quote from RnM21
    Jersey City Medical Center $50/hour weekdays, $60 Weekends for both night/day shifts

    Does JCMC require experience or are the accepting New Grads too ? I did an externship so I do have some experience....even though only 10wks :-)
  9. by   RnM21
    I dont think they Hire new grads for PEr diems there. I dont know if that has changed but the last time I spoke with some nurses there that is what I was told.