Nursing Transfer HELP!

  1. I am a Sophomore at a private 4-year Maryland university. Unfortunately, my school does not have a nursing program and I am looking into transferring to a NJ/NY/CT nursing school. Does anyone have any info on getting in as a transfer to A)NYU B) Seton Hall and C) Quinnipiac. Any recommendations? Opinions? I'd especially like feedback from those who have some knowledge of these programs. Also, I currently have a gpa of 3.471 and am a Biology/Psychology major
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  3. by   Dumplins
    i transferred into seton hall. wasnt all too bad/difficult to get in. your gpa is more than enough to get in. and honestly speaking, they'd take just about anyone in order to take your money. we've had problems in the past where we've had an abundance of students in the program where they couldnt accommodate everyone for summer classes and whatnot. i came in with less than a 3.0gpa and was placed in as "pre-nursing". where i had to pretty much take the basic nursing courses and boost my gpa to 3.0+ to have Nursing as my official major. so i'm assuming your gpa is enough to be considered. i just graduated this past august, so i'm not sure how strict they've gotten since i applied 3.5 years ago.

    their course outline should be online (as well as the other schools you've listed) so you can see if you have any courses that transfer.
    as for recommendations, i hear William Patterson has an awesome program. not sure on how easy it is to transfer into the program though. i only hear good things from them though.