Not so new, new grad

  1. I was licensed in March 2010 as a RN, but I did not work as a nurse yet due to having a baby. I'm trying to find a job now. any suggestions...
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  3. by   Dumplins
    yes. search everywhereeeeee. where in NJ are you from?
    if you're looking for a hospital job, that'll be super tough. residency programs might not look at you as a "new grad". my suggestion to everyone is to look into southern NJ hospitals. they're more likely to hire. one of my friends just got hired at Atlanticare as a new grad.

    just apply apply apply. i pretty much applied to every hospital in NJ. started doing this maybe 2 weeks ago. the only one that got back to me was Jersey Shore University Medical Center. just had my interview yesterday.

    search in your area for nursing homes, LTC facilities, private practice offices. whatever you can get your hands on. there are things out there (even if they're less desirable)

    depending on what part of NJ you live in, look into NYC or Philadelphia. the job market there for a new grad is pretty terrible..but it doesnt hurt to try.
  4. by   milan2006
    I live in Northern New Jersey. I have applied all over, but I will not give up. It just get frustrating at times. The longer I'm unemployed the worst off I become.
  5. by   Dumplins
    ahh. i've had no luck in northern nj. not even 1 interview. still applying every chance to the hospital whenever there's an opening.

    i know valley hospital has their Nursing Residency open. i dont know if there's a deadline or what the requirements are. but i applied for it anyway. havent heard anything from them.
  6. by   milan2006
    Valley called me they told me I didnt qualify for the new grad residency program due to the time lapse.