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  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I looking to do a full 360 in my career.. I'm looking to go back to school to become an RN, RT or Cvt. More so thinking of heading in the RN direction. I currently have an Associates in Applied Science from 2001. I have been in the construction business for years but needed to shut my company down a few years back do to the economy, then went into a cooperate fabrication business making trophies but recently got laid off..

    I have been looking at a bunch of schools in nj for a BSN but most schools require you to have a RN license to apply and be accepted into their program. I also looked into my community college where I graduated from and they do offer and associates degree in nursing but I already have an associates and would like to get a BSN. Can anyone give me some insight or direction on what would be the best career choice to go with or schools?


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    Hello, I think you were looking at RN-BSN programs which require RN license.

    Here are some pathways to get a BSN
    1) Graduate from 4 year college's nursing school OR transfer to a 4yr college's nursing school
    2) Accelerated BSN (Bachelor degree needed)
    3) First,get a RN diploma (You just need high school diploma) then do RN-BSN bridge program.

    Since you already have an associate degree, you can either transfer to a 4yr college first to get a bachelor's degree then apply for ABSN program. OR Go get a RN diploma and apply for RN-BSN program??? OR directly transfer to nursing school.

    HOWEVER, Since it has been about 10 years since you graduated, you might have to re-take some pre-reqs (especially science courses). Depends on schools but most schools (especially ABSN programs) want to see your pre-req grades that are within 5-10 years. I can be wrong so please check.I heard many good things about RN diploma programs as well(Holy Name, Christ Hospital etc,) so u can google them too! goood luck!!!
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    Hi MC,

    Helena really explained that well, and not much more to add than you should visit the different websites for each school and see what each one requires as prerequisites.

    I was in exactly the same boat as you! So sorry to hear that you are going through this!!

    I ended up taking one year of general nursing courses at community college, then spent the following year towards finishing a Psych minor at Rutgers, New Brunswick. Recently I enrolled at the Rutgers College of Nursing's BSN program to which I put in a transfer. (My plan was to graduate with my Psych BA and apply to accelerated nursing programs...but the regular track BSN felt more right for me and was more well-suited to my learning style).

    Good luck and let us all know what you decide to do. There are really only a few options which Helena explained... you just need to figure out which option feels right for you.

    Best of luck!