Nj license by endorsement, online application

  1. hello, i wasnt clear on the application process. i filled the online application for license by endorsement and paid the fees. what is the next step? i checked the website and it wasnt that helpful. do i have to print out the packet, fill it out and send it too? or am i suppose to recieve something in the mail after filing the online application. so far i havent read anything about the online application process in the forums. if anyone has done this process id gladly appreciate your input thanks.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    the online application for license by endorsement is very new to the NJBON. if you complete the online application you do not need to submit the paper application. Most states participate in the NURSYS online license verification program so even your license verification can be done online. You can try calling the NJBON call center if you have more questions, the staff is supposed to have been trained in this new way to apply for license by endorsement.
  4. by   Rolofern
    thank you. i will do just that.