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Just need to vent! I check for my license number and it is still in pending purgatory! I amgetting sick of calling Newark to see if there is anything missing or anything I still need to do. Save 2 employees who were very... Read More

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    Five hours roundtrip from GSP Exit Zero where I live I mean I love to drive and all but I don't want to devote an entire day especially if there is a good chance of not getting a license number. Taking my 2 year old daughter on that long a drive just for this would be cruel, in my eyes. BG check is still good according to my checklist.

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    Yes 148 miles each way on the GSP plus traffic is quite a ride, its one thing if they were going to hand you your license and buy you lunch its another thing to kill an entire day driving (ugh!) with no guarantee of success.

    However, if they aggravate you enough, and your daughter is in a foul mood you could always go up there and let her loose in the office until they release your hostage license.

    Hurry up and wait is the hardest thing to do especially when you are so close and waited so long!
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    Did you get your license? I drove to Newark and got it same day. I wish I didn't have to drive there, pay for gas and parking... well, at least I got it. Good luck to you.

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