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So I know that the NJ BON is notoriously bad. My husband graduated from nursing school in 2009 and had a six week wait, and my mother-in-law graduated in 2010 and waited two months from start to... Read More

  1. by   megbrz
    I am having the same problem, it is so incredibly frustrating.

    I took and passed my boards on Oct. 18 and have been checking online ever since to still find that it says my RN is still PENDING. Finally a couple of weeks ago I called to find out the problem and they said I hadn't been fingerprinted... no idea I had to do this, and I NEVER got anything in the mail about it. I asked if they could check and make sure that I had everything else in (because if one thing is missing, everything is marked UNCHECKED!) and he told me that their systems were down and to call back in a few weeks to find out. It's a few weeks later now and I still haven't gotten my fingerprint application in the mail.

    I am extremely frustrated because I have to imagine that when job searching, they are checking to see if I have an RN license and I am sure I am losing on job opportunities because it hasn't been posted yet.

    Something should be done. It's hard enough as it is finding a job these days. So frustrating.
  2. by   iridium54
    Not that this helps any of you, but I emailed the contact on the website in charge of applications by endorsement for ppl with the last names A-F. I had everything "checked" that needed to be. I e-mailed her yesterday and as of today my license # is up on the site. I am sure going in person is very powerful, too, and that would have been my second step, but I decided to try to save myself the trip.
  3. by   Lalynn86
    Hey what email did you use to contact the person in charge of applications. Or how can I find it on the website. I am having the same issues and it is really frustrating. Thanks in advance.
  4. by   iridium54
    Go to "Consumer Information," then "Know Your Board." I fiddled around with some email addresses...like doh.nj.gov, for example.
  5. by   nvreyes

    What email did you use? I need to email the person for O-Z because calling me has gotten me nowhere. One woman told me it'd be ready in under a month and another that it would be ready in 8-10 weeks.

    So incredibly frustrating.

    I'm also in a rush because I just got offered a job but won't be able to take it if I don't have SOMETHING that says I have a NJ license.
  6. by   jeannejeel
    Hi everyone..i just wanted to know if the condition in new jersey stays the same...i mean the process of application to register as an rn is still slow? anyone can comment please to give me an insight,,,planning to apply soon....
  7. by   Ame64
    The board of nursing is an embarrassment. I think i have you all beat with my wait time. I applied for a license by endorsement in September 2012. I was told 8-10 weeks. I have made several phone calls and each time am told something different. Three people that I have spoken with have sent emails on my behalf and still nothing.I am flying to NJ tomorrow for a job interview, but without a license don't hold out much hope of a job offer. Clearly the hospitals are aware of the licensing problems. Friday I am driving up to Newark and refusing to leave without a license. After reading much online, that seems to be the best bet for actually getting a license.
  8. by   ms.minchin
    @ ame64..gudluck! thats what i did..i went there at newark and then got my license same day.
  9. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Quote from ms.minchin
    @ ame64..gudluck! thats what i did..i went there at newark and then got my license same day.
    How long did you wait before going? It's only been 2 weeks since I passed the nclex rn but I have a job and I'm ready to start. Accepted the offer and everything. All they need is my license. How early is too early?
  10. by   nurse toya
    I just got my license number yesterday I took my test 12/17 .....so they gives you some sought of time frame
  11. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Quote from nurse toya
    I just got my license number yesterday I took my test 12/17 .....so they gives you some sought of time frame
    Thanks so much!!! I hope I'm lucky enough to get it within a month like you did!!!
  12. by   pnjabibarbie
    its a sad state of affairs.... the BON dont do anything until people are pushed to their breaking points.
  13. by   ArmyTwinRN
    I was able to get my license number by just taking the drive up to Newark. I was able to get it the same day. It's a shame that we have to go up there but if you really need it take the drive. It's so worth it $$$$