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So I know that the NJ BON is notoriously bad. My husband graduated from nursing school in 2009 and had a six week wait, and my mother-in-law graduated in 2010 and waited two months from start to... Read More

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    i got a rep on the phone that told me she sent an email alert to find my Letter of Completion a few weeks ago. she said if i still get nothing, call back in 7-10 days. it's been way more than that already. until now, letter is still not processed, and still no ATT. yep, my NCLEX is never happening. :spin: :P
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    Leilai, maybe you should ask to speak with a supervisor or file a complaint. You know what they say...the squeaky wheel gets the oil!
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    I went to Newark on Friday. This Monday morning I have my license issued. Thanks for the suggestion Alibee.
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    I'm am going to try visiting the NJ BON tomorrow. How long ago did you pass the NCLEX, DaddyO?
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    Quote from NurseJenny:-)
    I'm am going to try visiting the NJ BON tomorrow. How long ago did you pass the NCLEX, DaddyO?

    Mid June.
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    Like mentioned earlier in this thread....If you register here:


    You can see the list of forms submitted and everything necessary for licensing. and if you are deficient in anything. I would go here first before calling or driving to Newark.
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    I passed my board exam for PN on September 12, 2012, until now i didn't get my license. I've been calling them to make a follow up cause i feel like they're not doing anything about it at all. First they told me told me that it will take 20-30 business days to get the license so i waited but now it's been more than a month but i still didn't get it. When i call them they give me an attitude & they keep on telling me to wait. I'm so sick of waiting for them to do their job i already waited for 3months to get my ATT from them, what should i do? Somebody told me that it's not good if i keep on calling them cause they might push my license all the way to the back & give me more problem. Someone told me to go Newark physically, not sure if it's a good idea though...
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    hi nursejenny, did you go to NJ BON to get your license? Cause that's what i'm planning to do since they are not sending me my license i will go there and get it, i hope the trip will be worth it.
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    3 of us here had instant success going to Newark, as did two of my new grad coworkers. So far, going to Newark seems to be the most effective way to get things moving. Good luck to you!
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    thanks alibee, i will go there next friday. im gonna give them time to do what they're supposed to do, i hope i'll be lucky as you guys were.
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    Email the head of the dept. I was waiting almost a month for my license number, I emailed her and got it in under a half an hour.
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    Did anyone apply for NJ licensure via endorsement? I am in the process of doing that more. My primary state of licensure processed my verification fee weeks ago and it says it takes about 10 business days for verification. Yet of course on the NJ website the "verification" item is unchecked on my checklist.

    Can anyone recommend when is the best time to show up in person? Upon all items being checked on the list?
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    I've had HUGE problems with the NJBON. I did a paper application (most likely what caused all my problems but I couldn't figure out the website) at the end of May, called multiple times in June and I got the old "call back in 10-15 business days". Went until the end of July without hearing anything and then finally got my fingerprinting information. I did my fingerprinting in early August and got so frustrated that I hadn't received my ATT by the end of August that I called and demanded to speak to a supervisor. She was extremely helpful and found out that they had my name in the system backwards (my last name as my first name) she fixed it and I got my ATT the next day. I took and passed my NCLEX on October 2nd and went 8 weeks without anything from the board (NCLEX RN was still listed as "unchecked" on my checklist) until I found this thread and figured I might as well physically go to the office and see what the problem was. After telling the receptionist what was wrong she got someone to approve my license on the spot and I walked out of there with my license number in hand.

    while I think it's ridiculous that I had to go through all this, if you are having a problem GO TO THE NJBON IF YOU CAN!!! IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT