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So I know that the NJ BON is notoriously bad. My husband graduated from nursing school in 2009 and had a six week wait, and my mother-in-law graduated in 2010 and waited two months from start to finish. Knowing this, I sent my... Read More

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    Well, today will make 4 weeks post NCLEX-RN. Im impatiently waiting for even a license number. The 1st rep I spoke to said 3-4 weeks. Then, last week another rep said 5-6 weeks and for me to wait to contact them until Sept 3rd.That would make 7 weeks....Ugh! Come on..I got my LPN license in the mail 11 days after I took the NCLEX-PN. These extended wait times d/t "being short-staffed and summer time" are so frustrating :-(
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    I know it's frustrating to wait for the BON. I dealt with the same thing when I applied. But here are some statistics to help you understand why the process might take so long:

    There are roughly 100 RN and LPN programs in the state of NJ. While some will be bigger, and some smaller, let's estimate that each one graduates about 50 students in May. So right away, you have 5,000 applications for new nursing licenses. Note that this does not include those applying for the second or third time, those applying from other states (such as NY and PA) and those nurses who are already licensed applying for endorsement in NJ. All submitted in May.

    So, let's say the NJ BON has 10 employees working on new grad applications. Let's say that each employee can process one application in an hour (this is probably too quick of an estimate, considering all the pieces of the application that need to be reviewed and entered into the computer). In an 8 hour work day, that's 80 applications per day. That means that it will take the NJ BON just over 60 days to process all 5,000 new applications (assuming they work 7 days per week, which they do not, and excluding holidays).

    Then you need to figure in NJ, RN licenses expire on May 31st, every two years. So half of all licensed RNs in NJ who wish to maintain their license must apply for recertification. According to Kaiser State Health Facts, there were just over 78,000 employed RNs in NJ in 2011. So, if half of them need to apply for recertification, that's about 39,000 renewal applications that the NJ BON has to process. All submitted around May.

    So that's about 45,000 applications that must be processed through the BON, ONLY from RNs applying for renewal and new applicants for RN/LPN licenses.

    Consider also the back-log of applicants who applied earlier in the spring, LPNs applying for renewal, RNs/LPNs applying for reinstatement, foreign nurses applying for NJ licensure, and nurses from other states applying for endorsement. The volume of applications that the NJ BON must process is well over 50,000 throughout the summer months. And, like most government agencies, they are understaffed.

    I hope this helps shed some light on why the application process can take as long as it does.
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    I totally understand that, and the frustration is more with the staffing levels than anything. PA and NY have just as many students who have graduated/are renewing (if not more) than NJ does, yet they can turn around within a couple of weeks. Additionally, implementing a new, untested system during the busiest time of year seems illogical.

    I wrote letters to both of my representatives as well as the Director of Consumer Affairs. Maybe if there are enough complaints, they can get the staffing/system they need to function efficiently.
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    I graduated from my nursing program the 3rd week of May. I sent my application out on June 4th and didn't hear anything for a while. I started calling the board around the 2nd week of July. The people who work in the processing department there are useless and provide no help at all. They kept telling me about how they have a new system in place and it will take 30 business days to process my application. I called back at that point and they tried looking my information up and said it wasn't in the system yet. They couldn't even tell me if my application was in the building. They said they will email their supervisor and that it would take another 15 business days to get a response.

    After she said that I almost lost it. Oh and this is after they have been transferring me to these supervisors that always have full voicemail inboxes so I can't even leave a message. Finally I keep calling back until I reach Executive Director George Herbert. I get his secretary on the phone and she transfers me to a voicemail in which I am able to leave a message. The very next day I get my ATT. All that time I kept thinking my application got lost in the mail. I ended up taking and passing my NCLEX-RN on August 8th, but I didn't get fingerprinted until August 20th. So now I'm waiting for a license number that usually takes 4-6 weeks after you pass your boards to obtain. By the time I finally start practicing as a nurse I'm going to forget everything I learned in school. =\
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    I've had my NJ license since 1992---will faithfully renew it so I don't have to go through the nightmare of reinstatement.
    In the process of reinstating my Delaware license and they want a copy of all 30 CEU certificates--pape rfile is 1 1/2" thick.

    So sorry you are in this time warp. In addition to sending letter regarding your plight to local legislator and Dept Consumer Affairs:
    Governor Christie's office needs to be informed how his budget cuts have affected your livlehoods.

    Office of the Governor
    PO Box 001
    Trenton, NJ 08625
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    Well today I think I made some headway after calling the past 3 weeks. Someone finally tells me "the only thing left is fingerprints" Me:What!? I'm an LPN NJ BON has them already...Rep:"did you send a payment of 22.55 for persons who have fingerprints on file"...Me: yes.Rep:"oh yes, the payment was processed in June"... Now she says she will send an email alert pertaining such. Ohhh vey! Well she was nice. She actually looked up my info. The others I don't think even bothered; they just gave me a generic answer to get me off the phone. So now she says call back in 10-15 business day( mind you it's already OVER 4 weeks already). That's too much... I think I'll call them in 5 days
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    i got a rep on the phone that told me she sent an email alert to find my Letter of Completion a few weeks ago. she said if i still get nothing, call back in 7-10 days. it's been way more than that already. until now, letter is still not processed, and still no ATT. yep, my NCLEX is never happening. :spin: :P
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    Leilai, maybe you should ask to speak with a supervisor or file a complaint. You know what they say...the squeaky wheel gets the oil!
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    I went to Newark on Friday. This Monday morning I have my license issued. Thanks for the suggestion Alibee.
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    I'm am going to try visiting the NJ BON tomorrow. How long ago did you pass the NCLEX, DaddyO?

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