NJ and Employment laws

  1. Is NJ considered an "employment at will" or "right to work" state? I've seen these terms thrown around and its usually not in a favorable way. It makes it sound like management can fire you at will for minor things.
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  3. by   kcmylorn
    NJ is an at will state and yes, management in NJ does as exactly that. That's why NJ has one of the highest unemployment rates. It's a pleasure palace for these Nursing managers and HR personel. Trust me, I know. And if it were allowed on this forum I would freely use their names and the instutions they are at. I DO freely broadcast their names and those institutions on the outside, to letters to the editor in the local newspapers. and the Department of Labor. I have written my congressmen, Governor and the President.
    I am glad to see on these forums some of the nurses who these healthcare and nursing management people think are gullible, easily intimidated and threatened with bogus and frivilious BON action, are gutsy enough to call the BON for themselves to find the correct answers to this malice and threatening behavior.
    I am glad to see the federal government has raised the unemployment premiums on employers from $7,500 to $15,000. It should be alot more.
    I hope the federal governement soon cracks down on these over inflated healthcare system CEO salaries. Money that could be dumped back into the health care institution in the way of hiring more nurses and doctors, instead of fattening 1 person's wallet and bank account. And having their ugly mugs plastered around and labeled"good samaritans,while the real backbone of health goes personnally bankrupted, foreclosed on, homeless, hungry and un- insured themselves=unemployed.
    The nursing management in NJ totally ignore the labor laws! They are real savages!!
    There will be no rise in employment, if things keep up like this.
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