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NJ accredited CEUs

  1. 0 Does anyone know of any sites that are accredited by NJ for providing CEUs? Of course I'd like to obtain all of my CEUs for free, but if I need to pay for some of them too, that's okay.

    I found a few sites (ie. advanceweb.com, medscape.com and ceu4u.com) that have interesting courses, but am afraid of taking them only to find out later that they're not accredited and that I have to take the course elsewhere.

    My license renewal is due in 2012 and I wanted to get a start on satisfying the CEU requirements. Any help provided is appreciated!!
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    AdvanceWeb and medscape are both accepted by NJBoN. Nurse.com also is accepted. Read the FAQs on the BoN website as to what credentials a CEU provider must have to be acceptable to NJBoN.

    Nurse.com. Has both paid and free CEUs.


    Check with your employer and malpractice/liability insurance company for free CEUs.