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Hello Everyone I am new to the! I am a new graduate LPN and I live in New Jersey. I am having a very hard time finding a job. Can anyone help me? I graduated almost a year ago. I... Read More

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    what agencies can hire an LPN new grads and also train in NJ? pls I need answers. Thanks
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    Hi everyone,
    I have 2 clinical to go for my RN degree.I got my LPN license 3 months ago, still no job. I applied everywhere I know they are still hiring LPN in vain. I don't know if I will b able to get a job with no experience. Any help or insights will be appreciated.
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    Hi Helen , I went though the same frustration of not being able to find work after graduation. It took almost 8 months to find work. Now that the holidays are approaching a lot of facilities are looking for per diem nurses to cover for their on staff vacations call outs etc. apply everywhere to every facility even those who have no online site you go personally to fill out an application. I got my first job through a staffing agency try these as well some are willing to take on new grads. Persistence is key , I am also half way through getting my RN. Also try home health care , some places are willing to take on new grads. We need all the experience we can get once that RN is next to our names. Per diem work = flexibility for school. Much success
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    I got a job 3 weeks ago,I like it so far,the pay is good-too much driving though.I have an interview this upcoming Friday with continuum pediatrics.Anybody know how much they pay night shift? thx

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