New Grad from NJ applying to NY hospitals

  1. hi all,

    i am a newly minted bsn graduate from a nursing school in nj. i graduated about 3 weeks ago. lately, i have been applying for positions all around nj and the ny area. however, my dream, ultimate dream, is to work in nyc. i have been e-mailing and applying to ny hospitals for the past 2 weeks and have landed interviews.

    my concern is that i have applied to the njbon to sit and take my nclex, which is still in process. recruiters/hr request that i bring my license with me to the interview. in my cover letter i mentioned how i will be taking my nclex this summer etc (hopefully by end of july or no later than august, depending on how quick njbon processes my app).

    i am a bit concerned because i just don't know how to reply back to them in the emails, esp. since i'm sitting for my boards in nj. i want to tell them that i'm taking my boards in nj where i reside, but am going to endorse for a ny license once i pass my exam...there is also something called "reciprocity," which i definitely plan on doing. i know there are educational reqs that need to be fulfilled in order to be licensed in ny, such as the child abuse and infection control courses.

    can anyone please share words of advice, or has anyone experienced this/is going through this now? how did you go about doing this? i'm not sure about the exact steps that i need to take in this process...
    i mean, i've been doing research online, but i would like some advice/input.

    should i wait til i take the nclex in nj, and then start from scratch and apply/fulfill requirements to have ny license? should i begin the process now to obtain my ny license, while i wait for njbon? i do not have to retake the nclex again right?

    please and tia everyone. god bless. sorry for the essay! lol!
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  3. by   RNFiona
    It's easy. You just have to pay money and fill out a ton of paperwork, get fingerprinted I believe and do some online CEUS. I think it is child abuse, and HIV. Don't quite remember.
  4. by   RNFiona
    No you don't have to retake the NCLEX. If your dream is to work in NYC why don't you just take the NCLEX in NY?