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Hi everyone -- I'm taking the TEAS V and crit thinking exam next week. Was just wondering from anyone whose applied for Fall 2011 if they have already gotten an acceptance letter, and if so - how long it took from your test... Read More

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    Thank you so much for the reply. I am also in a generic program with advance standing. I am pretty sure we will be taking classes together. I am in confusion about the science course requirement. Can I PM you..I really don't know if it is okay to give my e-mail add here.
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    Sure! PM away

    Is anyone trying to register with UCC this morning for Muhlenberg classes? The system isn't allowing me to do anything at all... seems like they really haven't broken the new UCC web advisor in too well
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    Hi WCD,

    I need to to have atleast 15 posts to pm you. I do not understand these tech stuff..anyway..did you already register for the fall classes? Do we have to go to meet the advisor in person to register the classes or can do online. I did try online to register, however, nothing seems to work. I am kinda worried that I will be late to register. For the Nurm 119 we register it from MUhlenberg or UCC? Sorry to bother with lots of questions... Thank you in advance.
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    Hi Sargam -

    Nio problem - yes I've registered for Fall. I tried online Monday and could login to UCC's system but not get registered. You can view the sections for all the classes by going to and just pick "Prospective Student" it won't need a login. Mulhlenberg's classes are under two headings -- MH and MHBN - so you have to search under both to see all the times.

    You will have to go to UCC's campus in Plf, Cranford or Eliabeth for them to input your registration manually for nursing classes - that's what they told me. Bring ALL the letters Muhelenberg has sent, because some of the info isn't online yet in both places. Some of my friends have been able to register for non-nursing stuff online -- but the Muhl stuff they had to go to campus for. If you got your email/letter from UCC or Muhlenberg with your login, give it a try.

    As of right now (today) there's about 20 seats left in the day section for 119, so if you want days you should be fine -- same with the night section. Just make sure to get both the lecture (NURM-119) and the lab (NRML-119).

    Hope this helps -- if you've got any other questions I'll try to help ... I know the whole process has been really confusing -- lol -- we all have to compare notes to figure it out.

    Also - they emailed me tonight and said our transfer credit won't appear for another 2-3 weeks -- so that's going to screw up the system recognizing pre-reqs ... making us all have to drive to UCC's campus to get registered manually.

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    As soon as I read your reply today, I ran to the Plainfield campus, and registered for NURM119 ( lec and lab). I also heard that they have few remaining seats for nursing classes. Did you already take Pharmacology? I am going to give a try to test out.. BTW, I registered for the evening classes. I was thinking of going to register on Monday. I might be too late by then. Because of your reply I went there today. Thank you so much for your quick response.

    Are you done with all your general /prereqs? They didn't transfer my Intro to chemistry (from RVCC). Need to take it again. How many classes you are you taking this Fall?
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    I'm done with all the pre/co-reqs except for electives & Intro to Chemistry, which I'm taking in the Fall. All total I'm taking 12 credit hrs this fall so I can get FT Financial Aid - after Fall our clinicals will be 8-9 credit hours on their own, so it will be easier to get 12... but since we only have Fundamentals and Math for Pharmacology 1st semester - it's only 4 without other classes. I'm doing the Math/Pharmacology course in Fall too.

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    Hi WCD,

    How are you doing? Did you buy books for NURM 119? If yes then, did you buy it from the school's bookstore? I am not able to figure out the ISBN, author and the name of the books. I did try to see in school's website though. I think we need 2 books - fundamental of nursing and nutrition. I am planning to buy online. Do you know what book we need? I really appreciate if you reply back this message. I still can't PM you.

    Thank you so much.

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    Hey there --

    Yes it's two books for NURM 119.. here they are:

    Taylor, Carol Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Nursing Care, North American Edition it's ISBN 9780781793834 - I linked it from Amazon or you can get it thru the school's bookstore, Rittenhouse via the school website

    Dudek, Susan G. Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice -- this one is ISBN 9780781784542 -- same deal - my link is via Amazon, but you get it via Rittenhouse too

    Rittenhouse's link is and you just put the word "muhlenberg" in the school program ID box.

    Also -- if you like e-books better - the Fundamentals book (which is about 8 pounds is available via for the Ipad and PC -- they are a TON cheaper and have frequent discount codes -- you can use kno4all766 to take $10 off any purchase there.

    Hope this all helps!

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    Thank you for the information. One of my friends gave me fundamental of nursing book which is 6th edition. I would like to check first with Prof. if this gonna work. Could you send me the link for the chemistry health science too? Were you there in the orientation NURM119? Thank you so much wcd.

    Good luck for the class.

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    Are you taking Chemistry- Health Science this fall? I am taking it and trying to buy the book. Just wanted to make sure I buy the correct book. Is it Chemistry by Timberlake, 11th Edition? The price is outrageous. If you are not taking Chemistry then please disregard this e-mail. I wrote Prof. about the getting the previous edition..haven't gotten his reply back yet.



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