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Hi everyone -- I'm taking the TEAS V and crit thinking exam next week. Was just wondering from anyone whose applied for Fall 2011 if they have already gotten an acceptance letter, and if so -... Read More

  1. by   Sargam
    Are you taking Chemistry- Health Science this fall? I am taking it and trying to buy the book. Just wanted to make sure I buy the correct book. Is it Chemistry by Timberlake, 11th Edition? The price is outrageous. If you are not taking Chemistry then please disregard this e-mail. I wrote Prof. about the getting the previous edition..haven't gotten his reply back yet.


  2. by   WorkingClassDog
    Hey SG -

    Yeah, I was there for NURM119 orientation. They took attendance and handed out the syllabus, and introduced several of the instructors. The main prof running the orientation was Prof. Millan - I'd email her for a copy of the syllabus and any last min info to get you caught up.

    In terms of the Chem class, yes - I'm taking that as well - the Timberlake book is so expensive it's ridiculous - the reason is, it's a custom package for the UCC Chem department... complete BS. I emailed my prof and he told me he doesn't choose to use any of the supplementary content, so to buy it wherever I could get the current version cheapest (for me, e-book all the way)
  3. by   Sargam
    Yes, I am also shocked to hear the price of chemistry book. My Prof. wanted me to buy the newer edition. Such a burden for a poor student like me. I am still not decided what I am going to do. I will probably will buy, and by the time I want to sell this book, it will be less that $10. How you going to do your lab assignment in e-book?
  4. by   yolandaoz
    [font=times]hello, i hope all the classes worked out for you...graduation soon...i 'm a current student. share any advice for me, thank you.

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