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Microbiology at Ocean County Community College

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    I need micro for a prereq for an accelerated nursing program and I am almost positive I am going to take it online at OCCC. I missed the summer session by about a week and now I am trying to decide when to take it. Does anyone know if they offer it online during winter intersession? Also how did everyone like taking it online at OCCC? Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you
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    I took their A+P I online....It was alot of work, more than you would have going on campus because everything is done at your home.
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    I took Micro online at OCC....did you take it yet? If not I could answer a few qts for you
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    I'm taking it now and almost finished. It's a really fast paced class. I'm not finding the textbook part hard, but the labs frustrate the bejeebees out of me.
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    Yes the labs were the trickiest part for me! My professor suggested that I find a "virtual lab partner". He told me we were allowed to exchange notes via e-mail we just had to submit our labs separately. Thank God he suggested that bc I would not have been able to get through the labs. The other stuff was a breeze. I would up with an A, but cried every step of the way bc those labs! If there's anything I could help you with just ask, wish I got back to you sooner but I just joined the site yesterday! Good luck!
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