May 2013 Nurse Residency at Valley Health System in Ridgewood, NJ

  1. Has anyone applied to the New Graduate Nurse Residency at Valley for May, 2013 class?
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  3. by   LauraJeanB
    Quote from jessie25
    Has anyone applied to the New Graduate Nurse Residency at Valley for May, 2013 class?
    Yeah I applied last week. Do you happen to know if it closes on a specific date? It doesn't really say much on the application about when they are done taking applications or when they will get back to you.
  4. by   IrishTraveler
    I interviewed 3 weeks ago and apparently it takes them 4-6 weeks to get back to you :-\
  5. by   jessie25
    The application closes this Friday on February 8th...what did you think about the assessments. They were really long! Are you from the NJ/NY area?
  6. by   jessie25
    @Irish Traveler did you apply to the RN Residency...If so, that's a pretty quick response considering the app went up on Dec was the interview and floor did you apply for?
  7. by   IrishTraveler
    The assessments were really long. Took me well over an hour. The interview was very brief and none of the questions were specific to nursing. The woman interviewing me was very aloof and kind of discouraging. I left feeling hopeless. Apparently though the people doing the interviews are just HR people, not nurses, so they really dont know the proper nursing interview technique. I told them to put me down for any floor.
  8. by   LauraJeanB
    @jessie25 Yes I'm from NJ. I actually have never even heard of the hospital until I stumbled on the application and saw it was a residency program. There are so few residency/new grad programs in NJ! Do you know of any more? I know Morristown Hospital's will go up sometime next month..
    That assessment was pretty ridiculous, so many questions. I'm glad they threw some nursing questions in though.
  9. by   jessie25
    I was happy they included some nursing questions to cushion that crazy analytical assessment. As for more programs in NJ, I am playing the waiting game: Centrastate in Freehold has one but they haven't posted anything yet. My call to them was unsuccessful. There is also St. Clares in Denville. The catch is however that the residency is 4 months and UNPAID. Then there is the "possibility" that they will hire you after. Are you will to check out of state. I am currently interning in the DC/Marlyland area and have applied to 3 residencies here already. Waiting for a few more to go up and missed a few. Not sure where it will go but the opportunities were here so I applied...hope this was helpful!
  10. by   LauraJeanB
    Has anyone heard back? I feel like its a bad sign being over a month from the due date and still no word...
  11. by   IrishTraveler
    I havent heard back either and my interview was 9 weeks ago :'(
  12. by   IrishTraveler
    took them three months and two interviews, but i finally got my "thanks but you're not good enough" rejection letter.
  13. by   RNtobeinSoCal
    For those who are unfamiliar with it, Valley Hospital is excellent. It is in an upscale area filled with people who have very high standards in healthcare. The hospitals in Bergen County compete with NYC and often win (100% success rate for open heart surgery, meaning patients live at least 30 days postOp). The volunteers there are SO sweet and kind. The healthcare is superb, yet the setting is very small-town, personal, and cozy. Old-fashioned in the best of ways.

    I did student clinicals there and have had family members be treated there. While no place is perfect, Valley is pretty darn good.

    FWIW, Catherine Zeta-Jones had both her children there (big whoop, I know, but maybe that does say something).
  14. by   jlc128
    How did the second interview go? What position in the residency program was it for?

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