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    Hello everyone did anyone know any trade school in nj that give the lpn ? And take financial aid or loan , I would like to know how is the lpn I need some tips plz,,,,
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    Most of the county schools that offer PN programs accept federal financial aid.

    Here is a list of PN schools approved by NJBoN:


    Contact the school for admission and financial aid information. Most of the private for-profit programs are only loan eligible. Many of the public schools are Pe ll Grant eligible depending on your financial status.
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    Someone help me please/ I really want to start school ASAP to do the LPN but by looking at the reviews of others experience, I don't know what school to choose.

    It's between best care training, merit institute and center for advanced training and studies. Please help!
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    Quote from rodecena
    Someone help me plz really wanna start school ASAP To do the LPN but by looking at the reviews of others experience I dnt know Wat skool to choose between best care training, merit institute and center for advanced training and studies plzzzz,
    Im trying to do the same. I live in Dallas,Tx and the vocational schools that have the lvn/lpn programs suck. I work full time as a cna with awful hours. Domt have time for a 2 year college. I really need some ideas.
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    Thank you
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    I worked two jobs and got loans to get through my lpn program. I had no free time but it was doable.

    you could also look at changing into an area where you can do 12 hour shifts so you can have fewer work days, or be able to work on the weekends to get a lot of hours in. good luck

    to the OP, it was a bit difficult to decipher your post because of all of the text-speak, etc. Please be kind to our tired eyes!

    Good luck to you.
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    If you need financial aid, know that these are private for-profit types of schools and this will limit your ability to get certain types of Federal Financial Aide such as Pell Grants and subsidized student loans.

    Ask to speak with graduates of the program, they should have no issues with putting you in contact with alumni. Plus private technical schools are required by law to disclose retention, graduation and employment rates of their most recent graduating classes.
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    Thank u guys
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    Missnurse01 what school u do the lpn is it in NY or NJ
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    So sorry darling I did mine at a community college in cali! The state board should have a list of all schools in your state!

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