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Hello Everyone, I had a few questions regarding Eastwick College located in Ramsey, NJ. I am a current LPN student, interested in ANY feedback from anyone who is a RN student or has completed the RN program at Eastwick. The 1st... Read More

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    Quote from natalciapl
    Rose I'm from eastwick Hackensack would u say the rn in Ramsey in similar to the lpn program or studying?
    eastwick lpn-rn is harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd but its doable. u have to study. and u cannot work full time or u will fail.

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    I did a& p at Hackensack does that count?
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    yes it does. i did LPN @ hohokus hackensack all credits where transfered
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    so i am done. I am an RN graduate as of this august. the school is hard. omg. do not work full time, study everyday. any question pm me will definatly answer
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    I went to Ramsey they told me there's waiting list to oct 2013 what are my chances that I get in earlier u think?
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    wow there is a waiting list now? its gonna be a looooong wait
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    I'm taking the entrance exam oct 19th and in meanwhile looking for a job til I start the program. Does anyone know any places hiring lpn in northern New Jersey ???? I'm not experienced :/

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