1. I am looking into going to a LPN program. Preferably at Lincoln Tech in Edison, closer to my home.
    Its a year long program with clinicals.
    I plan on getting married after a year or so, but plan to reside in Philadelphia afterwards, anyway I can live in philadelphia and work for a place in Trenton or Ewing or Princeton?
    Also, Whats the starting salary for LPNS in 2011?
    Are they hiring only in LTC and nursing homes or hospitals? Corrections? Prisons?

    Thank you for your input. Gladly appreciate it!
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  3. by   mccraay
    hello, did you start at lincoln tech? i graduated from there in june 2011. it was a good program but it's expensive. it's really hard for lpn's with no experience. i wish i would've taken the advice of nurse and gained some experience in the medical field before i did the lpn program. i was more concerned about the potential salary as a lpn so i didn't want to start as a cna or chha.

    some places will give you a change but the want at least one year experience. i think that if i would've had at least a year experience as a cna, i would be in a much better position. i could have at least said i worked in nursing home or something to get my foot in the door. it's really, really, hard to find a job. lincoln tech does have real "job assistance placement".
  4. by   Misha88
    Congrats for finishing! hope you find a job! I start LPN program on December 19th
  5. by   mena09
    A new nurse fresh out of school very hard to find a job everyone wants you to have that 1 yr. experience.... thats the part that the school doesn't tell you. I work in a subacute and they do not hire any new grads......
  6. by   LilNell
    I would not recommend going to Lincoln Tech or any other private school for LPN. If you really want to go for LPN I would go to a county vocational school in Piscataway or Neptune. Their programs only cost 5,000 for the whole year. In New Jersey I know as a new grad LPN with no experience it is brutal getting a job even with CNA experience. I'm not sure how it is in PA. Some community colleges also have LPN programs and with those at least you can use the credits toward a future ADN or BSN degree.
  7. by   donna67
    I graduated from Lincoln Tech in Moorestown, and one of my classmates was having a difficult time for work in that area so he applied for his PA license and UPENN hired him. I am so excited for him. He starts next week. As for me, I am searching for work. I have a brother who works in the healthcare system and he is helping me out looking for a lpn position.

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