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Hi everyone I'm brand new to allnurses :D I am starting the full-time lpn program at Lincoln tech this march :yeah: I just wanted to ask a few lengthy questions so bare with me capable answers are highly appreciated: for Lincoln... Read More

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    Hello all and thax for replying to my post Haven't entered a post in a while as you can see but have nothing more than good news. I am very happy with Lincoln Tech's LPN program. Yes YOU have to put more than money into your education. Those who have negative comments I am very sorry that you did not have the same experience with Lincoln Tech as I but I believe the school is very fine if you truly want to become a nurse and won't complain about a few small issues compared to that. Yes it is a very expensive program but the other very reputable LPN program in the area raised their tuition to just as WITHOUT FA ASSISTANCE AND A FLAT PAYMENT OF $4000.00 EVERY 3 MONTHS OR BYE BYE. Lincoln Tech works with you and your payment plan and your loan can be owed back for up to 10 years after grad and you don't start paying it until 6 months after grad. DON'T LISTEN TO NEGATIVITY FROM THOSE WHO WENT TO THIS SCHOOL. THEY HAVE THEIR LPN WHILE THEY'RE TELLING YOU NOT TO GET IT? Go for it if you want it I hear the same things about an online LPN to RN program which I will be enrolling in but guess what I'm going to do it and get my RN and no one's going to stop me. God Bless will keep you posted, Amz.

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    I looked into it further and I begin LTI December 16th for their full time LPN program and I am so excited! I'm glad to hear you like it so far! After reading your comment I definitely feel better about school. Good luck to you!
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    Hello everyone.. I read this forum about 2 months ago looking for infomation on Lincoln tech. I read the bad and I also read the good . But I decieded to go for it and forget the negative stuff . So here is my opinion , if I could go back I would have gone to bcit which is only 18 thousand instead of 28 thousand , which also does accept financial aide. First complaint is that the teas test they give you is very easy . In order to allow more people in the program in return more profit . Our class started off with 40 students and now we are down to 20 and we are not finished with the first semester . They try to keep people in there for longer then a week so you have to pay the full 8XXX $ for that semester .I am passing .. Because I study on my own no help from The teachers. One of the biggest reasons I went to lti instead of bcit was because they said they have all theses tutors that will help you . That is totally false. Yes they do have a library with books and a few teachers but they fail to mention that the teachers there are setting up the program and class and lots of other things . And honestly have no free time to help you study . 90 percent of the students in the class are failing and they only came here cause they have no job and kids and the government gives them lots of grants to come back to school and get a education . The problem is that they are not deicated and honestly don't have enough time to self teach themselves . Hence why we are down to 20 and still dropping . Oh another thing that bothers me about the program is clinicals .. When I signed up the way I was lead is that you will be doing your clinicals close to your house . They fail to mention in the small print that the clinical site can be up to 50 miles away fro. Lincoln tech not your house . So say you live in PA and it takes you 40 minutes to get to Lincoln tech . Well after that it can be up to 50 miles opposite of Lincoln tech say hammonton nj. So you are now driving two hours to your clinical site everyday . . Or you can be like me . I live in can dam nj and there is a clinical site in our town. So logically thinking you would get that site. NOPE wrong . They said it's not fair if you only have to drive 5 minutes and some one else has to drive 1 hour ect. The positive thing is that in the end I get the same licensed as I would of in another school. But in all honesty. You can go to the nj board of nursing and they will give you a list of schools around your area that offer Lpn school. Check your facts before signing anything . You may email me with any questions . I hope everyone reading this goes on to be great nurses in what ever school they choose . I just wanted to add my opinion . Thank you
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    The problem with BCIT is that it does NOT offer financial aide and you would need a personal loan, not a student loan, to go there. The other problem with BCIT is that it's not accredited. Finding a school post-BCIT for LPN to RN is impossible. I have exhausted every option and was originally meant to start BCIT in December but after realizing all this, I decided to go to LTI. Which campus are you at? I will be in Moorestown and they mentioned it could be a hike for clinicals but it's like that with any program since only a certain few hospitals offer hands on learning (I currently work at a hospital.) I have heard complaints before saying that teachers are not very helpful and you need to teach yourself, that's pretty much how any school is. I was studying pre-nursing at CCC and the teachers would read from the textbook and not give notes or go over anything; do teachers at least go over subjects you ask them?? I sure hope so! I'm nervous as it is. Thanks!
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    Idk maybe you had a diferance expericiane then me at BCIT . But when I took the pretest . passed . I was supose to start in november . I personally did my financial aide and got a loan from there . the only reason why I didnt go was because they were filled this november . But any ways I wish you the best of luck in school ! But off that subject . and on to LTI yes and no . Some teachers are great and will help you alot and then others wont at all . please remember each subject you will have a differant teacher . Like your first semseter you will have a&p, professional awareness and Nursing fundamentals 1 each with a differant teacher . Me personally my a&p teacher is great but my NF teacher just reads off power points and makes it so boring its hard for something to even listen . But yes it is alot of studing off hours . I study about 2 hours every night if not more ! If you are dedicated you can do it . But you have to put your heart and soul into it .
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    I've actually just graduated from the MA program at LTI in Moorestown. I'm looking to go back to start their LPN program. I do have to take the TEAS test (anybody know the least percentage in order to pass? I heard it was a 57%). Does anybody know the specific courses for the LPN program? I like to prepare myself as much as I can ahead of time. Also... don't believe all that you read online about this school. A lot of people who talk bad about it have their own opinions based on their own individual circumstances.
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    Quote from Amzie91
    Hi everyone I'm brand new to allnurses I am starting the full-time lpn program at Lincoln tech this march I just wanted to ask a few lengthy questions so bare with me capable answers are highly appreciated: for Lincoln tech grads what kind of education should I expect? Did you have trouble finding work? Did you feel well prepared? How were the teachers? Was the school work very intense? I took the teas entrance exam and aced it but it was the easier version 3.0 I believe. I read some bad reviews on the program and when I went to the old Lincoln tech campus in mt laurel, nj it looked really cheap and low budget and I practically ran out the building after hearing the tuition. Now there is a new campus in moorestown, nj which is remarkably better looking than the old campus and they have some pretty high-tech dummies that actually swallow pills and read med errors They also have a lot more laboratory space, job placement and 5 different clinical locations (psych, peds, long-term, assisted living, and the job I currently work at as a cna which is a subacute rehab facility) Any reviews on this campus? It looks like a good deal to me I need to hurry up into a nursing program fast it seems it gets harder and harder each year to get into one and I finished all my prereqs but being waitlisted does not appeal to me. At my county tech school, BCIT, the tuition went up to a whopping 20,000 dollars every module you have to pay 4000 dollars and there is no option for financial aid how the heck am I supposed to pay 4000 dollars every few months out of pocket on top of trying to survive on my own with bills Lincoln tech's tuition is very pricey BUT with financial aid I'm paying less than 10,000 back at the end of the day. I'm very VERY EXCITED to be enrolled at Lincoln tech and to be that much closer to becoming a nurse Anyone else in or enrolling in this program? Sorry for the length of this message and feedback is highly apprieciated thanx, Am

    Hey everyone!! I am thinking about startimg this program this month or next. I'm tryim
    ng to research this school as much as possible and I havent seen to may reviews. Can someone please tel me how this program is at this location?? I would really appreciate it!! I have been burnt in the past before with schools and the empty promises of "excellent training" and come to find out it was a HUGE LIE. I want to enroll in a school that is focused on learning and not just sit there and read yourself. And I would like my classmates to be as much into the program as I am. I went to a school that was extremely clicky and all they talked about was how they were on parole or probation for guns, frugs ect...... I wanna lean and not feel as though Im not wasting my money. Also are the 2 entrance exams hard because Im great at hands on but the things I learned yrs ago I can not remember at all. I wasnt the best student in HS but for some reason the classes I have taken through out the years I have excelled greatly. Im nervous all the way around about this.

    Sorry about the book but if some one could reply that would be wonderful. Thank you!!
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    As far as the enterance exam it was pretty easy . As with you i was not the best hs sudent . I was never good in math. They set the sandard for passing the test pretty easy . As for the school there is no more director of nursing she resigned . There is no clinical director . Resigned . They seem to go threw staff very
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    Hello nursing prospects and/or students I am pleased to inform you I am graduating from LTI and am now a graduate nurse. It is very possible! LTI has come a long way they are wayyyyy more organized than what I've heard. They have great resources even for graduates. We get an online course from ATI (the testing website that administers the teas v test) and we have are own personal instructor that helps us to take the boards and literally gives us the greenlight to test when we are ready. This is very possible! I am now ready to work as an lpn! Also LTI has helped me get into a very reputable RN program that I start in September! If I didn't go to LTI I'D STILL BE ON A WAITING LIST SLAVING FOR LITTLE MONEY. Now I have a cushion and experience and nursing knowledge going into my RN :-) thank you for replying any questions please ask I will be on often
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    By the way today is GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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