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  1. i am plannin on attendin lincoln tech the paramus campus in new jersey i need to know how much it cost and if its a good school
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    I went to lincoln tech in Mt Laurel, NJ . The cost varies each year so you admission can assist you with prices. I think the school is what it is for a fast track program. Alot of people cant handle programs like these and blame the school for not being efficient. you have to focus, let go of any social life, in order to pass this course. I passed, go for it
  4. by   kabooski
    don't know the cost of LPN

    I took my Niece to a Lincoln tech here in florida to find about there medical assisting with X-ray
    which was 20K!

    average starting pay is between 18K-22K. So my niece would be working the first year just to pay back the loan.

    A Public Tech school is $1600 and another 600 for Xray
    so $3,200 vs $20,000.

    I would shop around. They also don't have the best feedback
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    The cost is pretty high ($20,000 or so). You can find the NCLEX pass rates on the NJ Board of Nursing website here:
    (NJ BON requires a minimum of 75% NCLEX pass rate, anything less requires the school to submit a plan of action to the BoN.)

    In addition, the available financial aid is limited due to the type of institution (very few grants, if any and mostly loans (federal and private))

    Ultimately like one other poster said, the education is what you make of it, you need to put in a good effort to get a good result. Most PN programs are accelerated/short term, so you need to be prepared for a fast paced academic environment and the focus and commitment required to succeed.
  6. by   andrene1
    thank u all for the reply but i guess the cost is way too much for the lpn i have heard that southern westchester boces charges $10,000 so i will try them or just shop around.
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