License by Endorsement...Checklist Confusion

  1. So I've applied for a NJ RN license by endorsement. I submitted my application online, paid the fee, paid for NURSYS verification, and uploaded my birth certificate, and passport photo.

    I now have questions regarding the checklist, but have not had luck getting in contact with anyone who can help me. So if any of you can answer my questions I would be so thankful! This is the part of the email I sent to the board...

    "First, I already submitted my application BEFORE requesting fingerprint cards. Is that a problem? One part of the site said to request cards first and the other said to submit the application first...

    Secondly, on the license requirement checklist, am I responsible for any of these items?:

    Notarized application - submitted mine online
    Transcript - will the NJ BON contact my school or do I need to?
    Current license - do I mail a copy or does NURSYS submit it with my verification?
    Child support - do I need to submit something that verifies I don't have it?
    C & A in state - anything I need to do?
    Also, do I need to mail in a signed copy of my application payment receipt since it was done online?

    Thirdly, how long should it take for me to receive my fingerprint cards?"

    Thank you all for any help you can give me!
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    You can call the NJ BON. They will answer your questions. You have to contact your school and tell them where to send your transcripts. My school charged $10. The fingerprint paper came fairly quickly but you have to make an appointment to get them done. You are able to view your checklist online. You're responsible for the things on it. If appears to be taking too long after you've completed everything call. I did an it was completed right away. The process took about a month or so.
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