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I have sent out 311 applications to jobs throughout NJ, PA, and NY. This includes emails, online applications, faxes, and mail-out resumes. From this, I have only gotten two interviews. That's under one percent. I've really... Read More

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    They are near me! I haven't heard of them until now. No openings at the moment, but thank you, I'll keep them in mind.
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    I am kindda in the same boat except I live in Southern NJ. I'm a new LPN, and no-one, I mean not a one body wants to hire me :-( It is really depressing.... *sigh*
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    starlight (teaneck small agency) i remember them thats where i first started... I worked for them for a 1yr the pay wasn't that great but you have to start somewhere... and left to Bayada. I'm happy with them...
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    If you still without a job PSa home healthcare is opening a new office in Hackensack nj and are actually seeking new grads as well. From what I gathered in your posts you have your ASN and not your BSN? That could get on your way if you want to get a job in hospitals. NJ hospitals want BSNs only.Good luck to you and I hope by now you have already landed a job in nursing

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