Info on Trinitas Nure 231..

  1. Hi all.. I tried searching for 231 info here but couldn't find much..

    Can anyone give me a rundown of NURE 231?? Im a little worried because my grades have been steadily declining since 130.. I always thought once I got into 231 it was an easy coast to graduation but now I'm hearing 231 is a really difficult course (compared to 131,132) I was hoping someone can shed some light on the instructors, exams and the course in general.. Tougher/easier than the previous ones?? etc. etc. Any info would be much appreciated.. Thanks
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  3. by   Ale39
    It's more difficult. The exams are not as clear. But the clinicals are not bad. I got a b for both 131 and 132. And a c for 231 and need to retake it
  4. by   wanna b
    Hi Everyone,
    Im in 231 also and I have talked to some 132 Prof and they said if you can make it thru 132 You should be fine... They said not to fall behind on your readings and take good notes and pay attention. I love clinicals this semester so far too, my prof is awesome. Some people have an easier time with nursing style questions then others. Trinitas gets a bad rap because people fail and become bitter just like anything else. I dont blame them for becoming bitter but they shouldnt blame the school. I never felt as if anyone was out to get me and fail me either. Just keep up with your studies, find a good study partner and dont slack off. Im very paranoid of failing but I would also never hesitate to jump back in and try again. Good luck
  5. by   lauren113
    Hi girls I'm in 132 now can you please give me som info on the class! So fare I'm reading catching up please I would appreciate any study skills or anything that helped you pass the class

    Thank you

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