I got an INterview at Cooper!! Quick question I got an INterview at Cooper!! Quick question | allnurses

I got an INterview at Cooper!! Quick question

  1. 0 I have an interview tommorow at Cooper University Hospital. Does anybody work there? How is it?
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    Are you a new grad and if you are how did you do it?
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    I honestly just filled out for every position online. I had an interview today and they went over the salary, union dues, copied my bcls card, gave me a benefits brochure and I signed a few papers. I was asked a few questions and that was it. I don't want to jinx it, but it seems like I'm getting hired and I dont even know what floor. I was asked what shift I preferred and I said it didn't matter. She also gave me the orientation dates, but never said I was hired. So I'm keepin my fingers crossed. I've heard its a great hospital to work at. This all happend just when I was giving up hope. Say a prayer for me please!!
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    I'm sending prayers your way and if it can happen for you that gives me hope. Just getting an interview would be great! Good luck and keep me posted!
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    May I ask which position did you apply ? Do you have any connection there? I have worked there for a year as a NA while in school and had to quit after I got my RN license. I applied the majority of the positions available online and nobody called me. Good luck to you.
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    No, no connection. Just got a random call and I still never heard back. Kinda strange?? Im hoping they call or send me a rejection letter. Something is better than anything.
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    I hope you hear back from them also. That would be fantastic. Did you also apply for positions that required experience?
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    Congratulations on the interview. Just curious if you have heard anything back yet? Also, what was the starting salary they discussed? I graduate in August