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Just thought I'd give everyone a Jersey Style hello!!... Read More

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    Speakin Jersey hmmm...

    So how youse doin ?

    originally from the Union/Irvington line.... now out in the cornfields !

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    Cumberland County !! Sophmore but feel like senior!! Is it always going to be this tough??
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    Quote from pinkfloydfreak
    Just joined the db today and learned a lot already. Been interested with computers for a long time and has a small group with same interest where I work. We ought to use more of the technology in nursing. Likemaking PDAs standard issue for nurses. Happy to be part of this forum and lets read on... Any SPUH,NB nurse out there?

    Hey guys! I worked at both SPUH and RWJ-UMDNJ as a tech, but am taking the semester off (this semesters a b**** :chuckle ). SPUH is a much nicer atmosphere, but RWJ pays so so well!!! pinkfloyd, do you work nights by any chance? That was my shift, I loved the CCU nurses.

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