How long did it take you to get your ATT in NJ?

  1. I'm a recent Dec grad and I'm really eager to take the NCLEX-RN. I've done the Kaplan review course and I'm just studying daily until I get my ATT. I'm curious about how long I should expect to wait this time of year. I've heard the wait in Dec isn't as bad as it is for the May grads. Also, I've sent everything in including my finger printing. I sent my items back in Oct. Just trying to get a ball park figure to tell my future employer. Thanks!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Try calling the Board of Nursing. Have you registered with Pearson Vue and paid the $200. As the ATT is emailed from Pearson, be sure to check your spam folder as I know more than one candidate who inundated their ATT in their spam folder. Also one classmate didn't realize that registration with Pearson Vue was necessary to get their ATT and added nearly a month extra wait! Once they registered the ATT email came quickly. Good luck
  4. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Yes, I paid Pearson Vue the $200 back in October when I did my application. I'll keep an eye on my spam folder. Thanks for the tip. I'm sure the state has just received my letter of completion. Really hoping I will be able to take the Nclex-rn next month.
  5. by   2015RN2b
    Best of luck!!! Hope you hear something soon. Based on posts I've read, waiting for the ATT seems to be just as stressful as last semester of nursing school. Be persistent. You've worked too hard to get to this point.
  6. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Thanks 2015RN2b! I have my fingers crossed hoping this happens quickly.
  7. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Just wanted to come back an give an update. My school mailed our letters of completion on the 17th and TODAY the 28th we got our ATT's! That was a lot quicker than I expected with the Christmas holiday and all. Scheduled my NCLEX-RN and now I'm getting nervous/excited while also coming up with my study plan. Keep me in your prayers. Thanks!
  8. by   MrsLpn12
    Good luck I just passed the NCLEX-PN
  9. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Thanks! I passed my NCLEX-RN today!!!
  10. by   2015RN2b
    That is AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!!!! That was really quick. Very happy and excited for you. So how hard was it???
  11. by   bchvball7
    I'm moving to NJ from NY, just graduated dec. I can't believe you got your ATT and took your test that quickly!! I'm hoping the same works for me. My fingerprints are tomorrow, hoping my school sent my transcript and I should get my ATT soon. I'm averaging about 100 questions a day and prob going to go the review with NCSB. Congrats on passing!
  12. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Quote from 2015RN2b
    That is AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!!!! That was really quick. Very happy and excited for you. So how hard was it???
    THANKS!!! I'm so excited this is all behind me now and that I am move on with my new career!!! It wasn't too bad! I took Kaplan and with that kind of preparation I was definitely prepared!
  13. by   ArmyTwinRN
    Now I'm just waiting for the marks 1 week since passing the NCLEX. I'm really hoping it only takes 2 weeks this time of year. Planning to start my job the following week. (Fingers crossed)
  14. by   blackdiamond407
    Hello! I am going to be graduating November 26th and my letter from my school will be sent December 18th. I was just wondering, from what I gathered from your post, it took you about 10 days to get your ATT code and you scheduled your test about a week later? Is this correct? Also did you find that Kaplan helped a lot? I am wondering if I should take the class. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks so much! I am looking to get a job ASAP as my loans will be coming in soon :/ lol

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