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I am 23 years old and I have my BA in Psychology. However, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing my last two years of college. But instead of starting over I decided to finish my undergraduate degree in... Read More

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    Quote from helen88a
    hey. I have really important things to tell you about this, tell you what NJ schools are looking for and tell u about important tips for umdnj absn admission. email me cuz I dont feel like writing here and i personally feel like u def have a shot for umdnj. ok?
    Hi I thought maybe you could help me with a few questions about UMDNJ.. I sent you an email. Hope it finds you well =)
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    Hello, I am a level 3 student at UMDNJ now. What would you like to know about the program? Shoot me an email at dorisb@student.fdu.edu, I will be glad to answer any questions.
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    Holy Name is an extremely competitive program with great NCLEX pass rates. The real benefit of Holy Name over BSN programs is the number of hands-on clinical hours. I just graduated, and during the last semester, we get to juggle 4-5 patients, really being their nurse with full access to the computer and paper charts, and we're doing foleys, G Tube feeds, colostomy care, dressing changes, and nurses notes that really get put on the chart, of course under guidance of a nursing instructor and a primary nurse. It’s a great prep for the real world. My plan is to get hired somewhere that will pay for my BSN OR maybe just do a bridge to an MSN since I already have a Bachelor’s in another field. It’s a lot less expensive to do it that way!

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