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Help! Looking for a LPN-RN school ASAP

  1. 0 Hello, I'm looking for a LPN-RN school in jersey not to far from NYC( no more than 45 mins away). I graduated from LPN school December 2011 in NJ and looking to get my LPN-RN education in NJ also. I currently live in Brooklyn,NY and willing to travel. I'm looking for a school where i can complete the course in 12-15 mths, including all prereqs needed. There is a school in NYC(Helene Fuld) that does that but i really want to get my education in NJ. Please let me know of any school in NJ that provides LPN-RN in 12-15 mths including all prereqs.

    Thank you all in advance

    Elizabeth, LPN
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    Perhaps Eastwick as that is the only for-profit/private school offering LPN->ASN/AASN right now. (I believe they now have their college catalog online now. They do require 6 months full time experience working as a LPN or 12 months part time experience working as an LPN. Tuition isn't cheap (around $30,000+) but no tuition is cheap these days in NJ) Other schools are community colleges that will take much longer than 12-15 months if you include pre-req's plus possible waiting lists. You also have the option of distance education through Excelsior College, but that is a NY school.

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