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    Okay, so i'll be transfering back to jersey next semester, and i wanted to get feedback on this school. I know that it is a tad bit expensive, but i just really want to know about the program as to how many people do they accept every semester, and is there usually a waiting list. What's the min. Gpa requirement, etc. Please please please respond back with any knowledge you have about this school. Thankyou.

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    I just got accepted into Felician last Thursday. I called them today, to make sure that I was actually accepted into the nursing program not just to the college (some schools have a two-step process) and I was told that I am in, so it looks like there is no waiting list. I don't know much about the school, only that it's private and although pretty pricey it's well regarded as a nursing school. I applied there as a transfer student with a 3.8 GPA, an AS (if you have it they don't look at your HS diploma) and about 50 transfer credits, including: A&P, Chem, Micro, Psy, Soc, Nut, several humanities and social science electives (but you are not required to complete these before you start). I was also awarded $7,000.00 in scholarships based on my GPA. It looks like it's a pretty easy school to get into, but I think it's because it's very expensive comparing to others (especially 2-year schools) so not a lot of people decide to go there, or at least I hope that it's the case. If you have any questions regarding the application process call them, I found them extremely nice and helpful. Also, most of the requirements are on their website (which by the way is pretty ancient). They also have instant decision days, just bring your stuff with you and they will tell you right away if you are in or not. Good luck with everything and hopefully I will see you next semester
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    I attended an information session last week at Felician College and got a lot of helpful information.

    Their program is very small, they only admit 20 students each year and the program that starts May 2012 is already half-way full. So if you are interested, I would hurry and apply. Additionally, the minimum GPA requirement is 3.0, and since the program is basically "first come first served", I don't believe you really have to have higher than that to be competitive. From what I understand, if you have the requirements and submit all of your materials within the first 20 people, you're in. Obviously not everyone who is accepted actually attends the school (especially since it's so expensive), so I'm sure you don't actually have to be one of the first 20 to apply, but I would hurry if you want to get a spot.

    Good luck!
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    Do you really think that the program is "first come first served" .
    They told me they make decision by February who gets in.
    This year they have over 200 applicants ..... i don't know if it is a true ..???
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    I am not sure if you want to come to Felician as a transfer student. I did and still it will take me 4 years to finish (which I found out after I came here). I already have so many credits earned but they make me wait til next year to start my nursing classes (because the program changed and they also get to keep you longer and that's a pure profit for them). So now I have to do 2 minors (bio and psy) just to fill up my schedule and not lose my scholarship. And I am not the only one, most of the transfers have to take at least one minor, and some chose to do 2 majors. It's crazy - I am a freshmen in nursing but a junior according to my credits (which they recognize and as a junior I get to register for classes earlier than most of my friends).
    Last night I was told by one of my professor's that the school is thinking about suspending admissions for 2 years or something like that (I am not sure why, they just changed their curriculum). Also, juniors and seniors are very dissatisfied with the program because the faculty is very unsupportive and if you are not doing well they tell you flat out to change your major. Graduation rate is pretty low, out of over 100 accepted there is about 30-40 that actually last till the end. Still, if you make it supposedly the school is very well regarded and you are very likely to get a job.

    Anyway, good luck - whatever you decide to do. I would look into F Dickinson, Broomfield, William Patterson, or Seton Hall (I regret that I din't ask around before I made my decision)
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    Hi Mada1:

    Maybe it is really a "first come first served." I was accepted in Felician's nursing program and when I went to pay my admission's fee ($300.00) I was told that I was put on the waiting list. I was surprised because I thought that the waiting list would become effective after the March 15th deadline.
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    Wow, I sent in my Felician deposit early rather than wait for UMDNJ because I was worried about just that. I thought I was being paranoid, but I guess not!

    Keep in touch with Tricia via email and I'm sure she'll tell you when a spot opens up. She was super responsive and helpful with me. I bet a few spots will open up once UMDNJ starts sending out more letters.
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    Good thing you send yours in early. It is a very expensive college but also very good. You did the right thing when you deposit the $300.00 early.
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    I got accepted as a transfer too, similar credentials, scholarship, credits, etc. Just wanted to know what you think of the nursing program and how long it takes. Really, anything you want to share.
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    Quote from odiekable

    I got accepted as a transfer too, similar credentials, scholarship, credits, etc. Just wanted to know what you think of the nursing program and how long it takes. Really, anything you want to share.
    Hey I got accepted as a transfer too. I'm still not sure about the school and the comments on this thread is a bit scary. Are you choosing this school

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