Experienced RN with an Associates - new job prospects?

  1. I'm an RN with 13 years experience. I've worked at HUMC and also at a freestanding surgicenter. I'm interested in changing jobs, mostly because where I work doesn't pay well, and I'm looking to get back to making what I should. However, I'm nervous that at this point I won't be able to find anything decent that doesn't require a BSN. I'm in my mid-40s, work full-time and have kids and no extra pocket change; going back to school right now isn't too feasible for me, although I know ultimately it's something I should (or must) do, and am afraid if I wait too long I'll be unemployable.

    Does anyone have any current experience with job hunting as an AAS prepared RN? I know the environment is getting rough for us!
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  3. by   taramb7263
    Sub acute care is a good place because you can utilize your skills in a fast paced environment. They always need good RNs. If you have a tough skin and know how to practice safely then your good. I work in one and there is politics but as a newer RN who left a hospital, I am learning tons and I love it. My facility is so busy so the patient load for me right now is 14 but I get a max of 20. They are more likely to hire an asn if you have experience.
  4. by   peachmarie
    Thanks so much for the reply . . . I have to admit that subacute or LTC is the last thing I'd want to do Just not my forte. I love what I'm doing in Endoscopy, but I could also see myself in Infusion Nursing, ICU, OR or PACU, Dialysis, Wound Care, or even Hospice (although not really home care). I've worked in the PICU and loved that, too, just at the time it was too stressful and the night shift was making me a zombie - I was newly married, pregnant, and already had a child at home. Now my kids are growing and I could see me doing something like that again, but on the day shift instead.
  5. by   taramb7263
    FYI- I only work subacute because I'm an RN . Lpns go to ltc. We are acute to subacute and rehab so on top of your med Surg , I do ortho, trache pts massive wounds with vacs, pegs ng tubes , palliative care and hospice)) in addition to cardiac. Respiratory neuro( stroke, subdural hematoma , vp shunts . Ostomies etc we get cardiac on milnirone via Pumps , Iv infusions for infections plus CA pts it's endless . Every day I learn something new . I left ED psych and it was the best thing I did because not only have I gained skills ,I have been forced to work under extreme stress, do most things on my own without support and learn to prioritize and delegate for an average of 18 pts in addition to meds in 2 hrs for all , vitals, bs checks, assessments ;juggle it around pt/ot wound care tx and take off orders, deal with pharmacy issues , labs, diagnostics and ****** off family members screaming when something isn't addressed! My day flies especially when I also have to document on all pts also ! Subacute is NOT LTC nursing. Btw it's helped me a lot to not be a whiny new nurse and push myself everyday .., I still want back into the ED but not psych this time. I have over a year now and started to apply again. I got 3 calls in two days for interviews based on my job in subacute ; an ED/trauma hosp, an ED hosp and a medsurg/ rehab in hosp( which btw, the hosp rehab starts @ $40 / hr and goes up with each shift ) so just don't R/O this type of nursing)) I hope my interviews go well and if they don't I still have an awesome job with great pay that just let me switch to part time hope you land in a great position!!!
  6. by   RNtobeinSoCal
    not sure if youve found a job yet, but try davita or fresenius for dialysis- they hire with associates. good luck!
  7. by   cn2007rn
    I think experience is a lot more important then a BSN. I wouldn't worry at all since you have so much experience. I am currently working as a home dialysis nurse (peritoneal dialysis) for Davita. They are expanding all over due to increasing need for dialysis. I really like my job, I teach new dialysis patient how to dialyze at home and follow their labs every month, I mean I do more then that but you get the idea! Good Luck!
  8. by   peachmarie
    Hi All - still at my current job - very hard to leave, as I love what I do and where I work. But I'm still keeping my eye out. Hospice has definitely become a big interest of mine. But the dialysis route sounds interesting also! I'll keep my mind open about sub-acute. Thanks so much!

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