Divas and Dons in Nursing

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    the institute for nursing honors 10 who’ve helped to advance health care in new jersey.

    divas and dons in nursing

    alex rosen
    masthead date december 19, 2005

    new jersey nurses who make an extraordinary impact on the profession and the community were honored at the institute for nursing’s sixth annual divas and dons in nursing, held december 1 at the hyatt regency princeton, in princeton, n.j.

    the annual dinner gala calls attention to the outstanding achievements of new jersey nurses. it is the institute’s primary fund-raiser; proceeds fund scholarships for nursing students and nurses advancing their education as well as continuing education programs and grants for nurse-researchers.

    diva and don honorees come from all areas of nursing, including administration, education, public health, government affairs, media, law, and community health....
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