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  1. by   lmwill812
    Hi! My name is Lauren and I was also accepted to CCC's nursing program, to begin in Fall 2010! I'm looking forward to meeting you all next week! Does anyone know how long it took to get the results from the background check, if you applied for it online? I misread it and thought we just had to have it done by the start of classes, but I was definitely wrong and now am rushing to do it by today in hopes of it being complete in one week!
  2. by   njmomstudent
    Mine took 2 weeks :-( I'm sure there will be others who don't have everything done by orientation. I don't really know what they do about it though. They may just not let you register that day????
  3. by   lmwill812
    Oh no really?! I guess I will just bring the code that Adam Safeguard gave me to prove that I did the background check and that it is on it's way. That is a good point, I wonder if they won't allow me to register then I will get stuck with the clinical that nobody wants! Oh no!
  4. by   njmomstudent
    From what I've seen there may be a good amount of people without everything, so I really have no idea what happens. I wouldn't worry about it too much if you've already ordered it. The only thing that has a "MUST be returned" at orientation are the physical papers. As long as you have all that done you should be okay I think.
  5. by   Katie6421
    I know this was awhile ago but I'm looking to apply now .. Just curious what kind of grades I will need? I'm an LPN student looking to do the transition and I'm hoping my grades will be good enough .. Help
  6. by   njmomstudent
    They don't have the handbook on the website. You should go to the school and stop in to the nursing secretary and get the pamphlet and handbook. Here is a list of prereq's for the program.... page down for the LPN transition.
  7. by   Katie6421
    I took all except developmental psychology .. I have a's besides anatomy and physiology .. I have a b in 1 and a c in 2 .. Will this really effect me being accepted? If I retake a and p 2 will I greater my chance? I'm nervous