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  1. Hello, I am currently a senior in High School. I am interested in pursuing the field of nursing. I will be planning to apply to Seton Hall, Ramapo, Kean, William Patterson, and Richard Stockton for nursing. (I've already applied to Rutgers for Art and Sciences)

    My GPA is a 3.00 (Yes, I'm aware it's in the low end)
    My first SAT score was 1450.
    Second was 1550.
    My third score is a 1740.

    I will be retaking SAT again in this December and I'm confident it will be 1900-range. (Possibly 2000 if I can) For extracurricular activities, I joined clubs (Psychology-4 years, Tutor-3 years, Art-3 years, Chemistry-2 years) I volunteered at an SAT school and accumulated approx. 160 hours. Leadership wise, I was treasurer for Psychology club. President for art club.

    I know that my academic performance reflects many ways about myself. Albeit, throughout my years of high school, I never had a direction of what to pursue. Nursing, for the most part, was least in my mind at that time. There were some situations where I had some personal struggles and family issues which profoundly impacted me. Yet, it greatly influenced me to the path of nursing today. And one of my reasons why I want to do nursing.

    That said, first, I wish to try for B.S.N nursing program. Then R.N nursing. If anyone have any experiences or attend the colleges of the list mention above and take part of their nursing program. Please let me know. I want to be aware of my safety and target schools. It would be highly helpful and informative if someone state their GPA and SAT so that I can compare and estimate my chances for the school. Thank you.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    RN is the license. Professional nursing programs come in three forms in NJ--hospital based diploma programs (there are only a handful now), associates degrees (county/community colleges) and BSN programs. Successful completion of any of these programs/graduation is one step in eligibility for licenseure as an RN, subsequent to meeting all criteria and passing the national licensing exam--NCLEX-RN.

    Each school has its merits..location (Northern NJ schools are in close proximity to NY, Western/Southern NJ schools are closer in proximity to PA & DE) alumni, clinical affiliations, reputation. Plus whether the program is a public school (William Patterson, Ramapo, The College of NJ, Stockton, Rutgers, Kean) or private (such as Seton Hall University or the College of St. Elizabeth.). You haven't mentioned The College of NJ, which also has a strong program. Kean is not a direct entry BSN program but an RN-BSN program so you must have your RN license (after graduating from an ASN or diploma program) to be accepted. Stockton only recently started a direct entry BSN program previously it was an RN-BSN program.

    Based upon the current economic climate & trends in healthcare it is strongly recommended that young potential nurses such as yourself go straight for the BSN as that is the minimum entry requirement for many hosptials and healthcare facilities. So by making that decision you already have made a big step in the right direction. You can also look into
  4. by   Alice19th
    Hello, yes I'm aware college of NJ has a very good nursing program. I want to try to enter into a BSN program right away. If I may ask, which college do you highly suggest I am eligibly to enter into BSN programming in my first year? I'm considering few colleges on my list (including the college you've stated.) I don't believe Kean provides ASN program unless I'm mistaken.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Kean does not provide an entry level BSN program. In order to gain entry to their BSN program you need to already have an RN license after graduating from a diploma or associate's program at another school. So you would NOT be able to be admitted to the nursing program at Kean University unless you are already an RN, just like the program at Monmouth University.

    Try looking at each school. See if you are provisionally admitted to nursing as a pre-nursing student and must complete the pre-nursing courses before being officially admitted to the nursing program. Other schools you enter as a nursing major and take nursing classes your first year...along with the typical pre-req/co-req courses such as psych, bio, a&p, English, humanities, etc.

    I can't tell you which college program is best for you as I am not an admissions counselor. But I will say if you are active in other areas (volunteer work, extracurricular activities, working part time), have decent SAT scores, and took "quality" HS courses your grades will not be the only criteria you are evaluated.

    (By quality courses I mean taking classes like English, foreign language, etc. instead of study hall or early dismissal. ) Your personal presentation means a lot such as strong essays, excellent recommendations, part time work, extracurricular activities etc.
  6. by   Alice19th
    Okay, I will re-consider Kean University. I searched for few colleges that offer pre-nursing for the first two years of college (ex. Cedar Crest) I also noticed Drexel University (if you're familiar with this college) offer BSN Co-op programs. Albeit, from my view, it looks as though it also provides many online courses as well. Although, I'm more towards university that offers classes. Not online courses.

    I understand. I've joined a decent amount of extracurricular activities (although they are un-related to nursing because I wasn't entirely sure of my major) I volunteered almost 160 hours at a SAT school. And about 50 hours tutoring elementary school kids. During my junior year, I tried to volunteer at a hospital, however, the spots were all full by many other students. Throughout my school year, I've only taken two honors and one AP. No study hall. Full classes. I have two recommendation from my teachers. I'm planning to receive my third from my guidance. My college essays are reviewed by a professor in a SAT school who have 30 years of experience.

    Hopefully, I can attend and participate in nursing when I attend college!
  7. by   oc8239
    With your credentials I would highly recommend applying to The College of New Jersey. I recently graduated from their nursing program in May and I would agree that it is one of the best in the state. It has gotten much more competitive to get into but the program is well worth it. One thing I would suggest is gaining some volunteer experience in some sort of health care environment to make yourself stand out even more, not just for TCNJ but for any nursing program.
  8. by   NJnurse89
    I am a Seton Hall graduate and with your credentials I think you would be able to enter the BSN program if not you can enter as a Pre nursing student and if you maintain your GPA for 2 semesters, you should be able to enter the program from there. Good luck!
  9. by   Alice19th
    Hello, what makes you say I have a good chance at TCNJ? They are highly selective and their GPA and SAT scores are much higher since the time you first attended TCNJ in freshmen year.
  10. by   Alice19th
    Hello, I got accepted into Seton Hall's nursing program

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