CNA training in Monmouth County?

  1. I'm trying to get into a CNA training course in Monmouth county but I'm having a really difficult time finding one! The ones at my school (Brookdale) are all booked up, and the only one I could find is in Union county (an hour away), and it costs $1200! Anyone?
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    Look into local LTC facilities that offer CNA training upon hire. I know King James (now CareOne at King James) in Navesink offered it at one point.
  4. by   GoodtimeRN
    Awesome, thanks! I've been looking for weeks. I tried all the sites they suggested on the sticky but most of the links don't work anymore or the places are too far for me to drive! Thanks again
  5. by   SteveNNP
    Another idea is to contact Meridian Health's (Riverview MC, Jersey Shore, MC) nursing education department to see if they offer any CNA classes.
  6. by   jaratarRN
    I know this thread is a few months old now, but did you find a class? If not, you could check Monmouth County Vocational. They have a CNA class that is much cheaper than Brookdale's (about $500), but when I tried to get in last year they had a waiting list too. It wouldn't hurt to check.

    There is also LTC Career Training. Their rate is about the same as Brookdale's and I don't think there was a waiting list. Their website is

    If you can wait and don't need to take the class immediately, Brookdale's class is great. I am finishing mine next week and love the class and the clinical site and my instructor.

    Good luck!
  7. by   GoodtimeRN
    I was on the waiting list for Brookdale's class & ended up getting in! My class starts July 6. Actually, I have some questions about it! I was wondering what you're supposed to wear for the clinicals? It says "white pants, a blue tunic, white leather shoes with grips." Where do you buy the outfit? Also, I am heavily tattooed so I will need long sleeves underneath, does anyone else wear sleeves under their uniform? Could I wear any color under the tunic, or does it have to be blue as well? Also I would be happy to take any other advice you may have for the course!

    Thanks for your help, I'm excited to start!!

  8. by   jaratarRN
    Oh that's good, I'm glad you were able to get in! Are you in the nursing program at Brookdale?

    The Brookdale class is really good. I had a lot of good people in my class and hopefully you will have Toby for your instructor- she is awesome! She is very blunt and has a dry sense of humor, but in a hilarious way! And she is a very good instructor.

    As for the uniform, you are going to need actual scrubs. They do not explain that well at all; the description should say that they mean scrubs. I don't know where in Monmouth County you are, but you can just go to a scrub store and they will have them. I went to Life Uniform by Monmouth Mall. As for a shirt underneath, I don't know. I don't think you would have a problem wearing one. We had some people with tattoos, but they were able to cover them up with tattoo concealer or large bandages. But if you have a lot, that probably won't work for you. I would just wait to get a top for underneath until the class starts so you can ask your instructor. Clinicals don't start for a couple of weeks anyway, so you won't be in a rush. And your shoes just have to be white, leather sneakers.

    Overall, the class is pretty easy. A lot of basic patient care type stuff. The biggest thing is learning the skills for the state exam, but you will have lots of time to practice them. You take the skills test the last day of your class, then you wait for the results to come in the mail, and then you can register to take the written test.

    Hope this helps, and if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  9. by   GoodtimeRN
    Yes, I'm on the waiting list for the Brookdale nursing program. I have taken all my pre-req's except microbiology (which I'm taking in the fall), then I'm literally just waiting. But I wanted to get my CNA class out of the way now so that if a spot opens up I'm ready to go!

    So for the uniforms, do you get a blue top & white bottoms? Yeah I was thinking they were scrubs but the description sucks! I live in Asbury & drive past Monmouth Mall on my way to work, so I'll have to go by there & pick some up!

    Here's another random question: I got fingerprinted already (and it came back clear! woo!), but I haven't sent in my background check papers (the ones you get notarized) because I can't figure out what to put for "facility/training place code". I tried calling the school but I haven't heard back from anyone. Any ideas on that?

    Thanks again for your help!
  10. by   jaratarRN
    Awesome, I am actually starting my pre-req's in the fall and going to the info session next week so I can get on the waiting list. I am to taking my pre-req's while on the waiting list so that hopefully by the time I finish them up, I will be called for the nursing program and won't have to spend too much time not doing anything! Hopefully it works out that way. How long have you been waiting?

    Yeah, it is a blue top and white bottoms. It wasn't too expensive at Life Uniform, about $35 total I think.

    And as for the background check paperwork, I actually had the same problem with the code. I called the school and didn't hear back so I just sent them in without the code. I put the school name and address but left that blank. I didn't have any problem; I got the results back about a month later.

    Oh, and as for the instructor, I just found out today my instructor isn't doing the class over the summer. I hear the other woman is good too, just a little more serious and strict.


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