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Christ hospital school of nursing jersey city nj

  1. 0 Hi,
    I just finally got my acceptance for christ hiospital school of nursing for fall 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering if any current students or alumni have advice, suggestions, comments, any information at all about the program and classes?
    please & thanks
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    i was just accepted too!

    congrats!! I'll probably see you around! are you doing day or night?
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    Hi congrads too you. I applied to Christ and Bayonne. I did not take the NLN yet. How was the test, was the study guide helpful, and how much time did you dedicate to studying? Hope I will be joining you.
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    how gros was the a&p classes please let me know
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    Uhh... A&P is "gross" no matter where you take it. If you can't handle lab where you dissect a sheep's brain or a fetal pig, you sure aren't going to like nursing (where you're dealing with urine, feces, blood, mucus, various types of cancerous drainage, etc.)
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    Moved to NJ Nursing Programs Discussion forum.
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    Im not sure yet whether to do day or night....have you heard anthing good or bad about either of themm..i think I might do day but I cant decide? my opinion anatomy isnt ttoo bad as long you dedicate somr time to.studying the material.....i cant help you with the NLN question because I didnt have to take it....christ accepted my SAT scores as a substitute.for them
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    Hey guys ! Congrats to all that have been accepted and good luck to all!
    I still have to take my test and how soon did you guys receive your acceptance letter? I am so nervous!
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    Congrats to those in the fall 2012 class!!!...Hopefully I'll be with you all...but did anybody take the nln pre entrance exam and does anybody know what christ hospital accepts as a minimal score?
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    Hi guys! Does anyone know if we can still start Christ even if we don't have any credits at Hudson but have all pre-reqs done? Thanks.
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    hi im not sure because the say you can't take nursing classes without being accepted to a nursing school. NOt sure.
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    Thanks. I think they see if we have our courses done before they tell us to take the test. I do have all my pre- reqs done but not at Hudson.
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    You can take the test with just the pre req of the high school chemistry course and I believe you cam go to christ without taking all of your pre reqs at hudson you just have to have tbem all done or plan to complete them before you graduate ftom christ, but you can definetly email or call to ask them, they are really good at responding...good luck