Christ hospital school of nursing jersey city nj

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    I just finally got my acceptance for christ hiospital school of nursing for fall 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering if any current students or alumni have advice, suggestions, comments, any information at all about the program and classes?
    please & thanks

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    i was just accepted too!

    congrats!! I'll probably see you around! are you doing day or night?
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    Hi congrads too you. I applied to Christ and Bayonne. I did not take the NLN yet. How was the test, was the study guide helpful, and how much time did you dedicate to studying? Hope I will be joining you.
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    how gros was the a&p classes please let me know
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    Uhh... A&P is "gross" no matter where you take it. If you can't handle lab where you dissect a sheep's brain or a fetal pig, you sure aren't going to like nursing (where you're dealing with urine, feces, blood, mucus, various types of cancerous drainage, etc.)
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    Moved to NJ Nursing Programs Discussion forum.
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    Im not sure yet whether to do day or night....have you heard anthing good or bad about either of themm..i think I might do day but I cant decide? my opinion anatomy isnt ttoo bad as long you dedicate somr time to.studying the material.....i cant help you with the NLN question because I didnt have to take it....christ accepted my SAT scores as a substitute.for them
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    Hey guys ! Congrats to all that have been accepted and good luck to all!
    I still have to take my test and how soon did you guys receive your acceptance letter? I am so nervous!
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    Congrats to those in the fall 2012 class!!!...Hopefully I'll be with you all...but did anybody take the nln pre entrance exam and does anybody know what christ hospital accepts as a minimal score?
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    Hi guys! Does anyone know if we can still start Christ even if we don't have any credits at Hudson but have all pre-reqs done? Thanks.

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