CCM (County College of Morris) - Anyone applied to Nursing program for Fall?

  1. 0 Hey everyone,

    Checking in to see if anyone has applied to the professional track of the nursing program at County College of Morris, NJ for this Fall?

    I need some company while I anxiously await my letter to see if I got into the program.

    Let me know and have a great day
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    Moved to NJ Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I am in the same position waiting to here from CCM for the Fall nursing program. Do you know when we will hear? I really want to get into the fall program and not have to wait until January.

    Good luck, I am sure you will get in and do great. :spin:
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    Hey! My letter from CCM came today. Did yours?

    I was accepted Very excited!

    I am sure you got in too. Good luck!

    Hope we can talk more in the future
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    Good luck from a CCM graduate!! I remember waiting for my letter a few years ago:-)!
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    Thank you NurseKate16! How was the program?? I haven't actually had a chance to talk to anyone that has been thru it at CCM.

    I am really excited and can't wait to start. (lol...funny how that works, right....then a month in you want to die cause the work is so much. I do that every semester. hehe)
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    I was very happy with it and felt they prepared you for the nclex. I am very happy I went there. And yes, I am in school for my BSN and it's both exciting and dreadful haha!
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    I guess ill see u in class next week. Yay
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    Very excited What clinical did you get?

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