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    So last week I went to the nursing advisement, and I was informed about the point system that was used to determine your seat in clinical rotation. Ill be done with my pre-reqs this semester and will be sending my nurse intent form this week. my problem is, i am a transfer student and I was told that any A's B's etc. i received at another school will come in as a C. i took ap1 and principals to chem at another school, and received an A and a B. right now i'm taking ap2, pych., and micro. and as to date, my average in each class is an A. being that my ap1 and chem will come in as a C, that lowers my points into getting into the nursing prog. (which i feel is unfair).

    should i just take ap1 and chem 2 over? need feedback.

    has anyone been in this situation as i am now? need some feedback.

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    Hello. I actually have applied to the same program for this Fall's semester. Did you end up handing in your application? If so, I think it was a good idea. Even though the two grades get transfered in as a "C", your "A"'s in the other classes you are taking now will even out your points so it will be like you got "B"s in all the sciences.

    Try not to worry. As long as you did well in the other non-science courses you should be fine and get into the program with no problem.

    Best of luck!
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    Found out today that I'm in the nursing program, and classes start next about late bloomer lol
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