Burlington County College Spring 2012 program

  1. Hello all, so I have just received my nursing application response for the spring term and I have been wait listed.

    Can anyone please share their experiences? I am feeling very very discouraged, during this current semester I am completing my LAST prereq (nutrition, it's a retake because I got a D last semester). My GPA is 3.2 (which I know is not GREAT but it's also not TERRIBLE). I got a 74 on the TEAS and the woman told me that my score is fine it doesn't matter what you get as long as it's passing.

    It all just is not adding up I'm feeling so discouraged because last semester I had 3 students in my BIO 156 class that were currently in the nursing program (and they were not LPN). So if people are getting in when they still have classes to complete, why am I continually getting wait listed when all of my classes will be completed?

    Also, I am an in county resident.

    Is there a way to find out what number I am on the wait list? Also, what are the chances of actually getting in on the wait list?

    Thank you! I really just need some encouragement!!
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  3. by   Clovery
    You are an LPN?

    If so, that's why you're waitlisted... because you will be entering the program in the second semester (NUR 120). NUR 119 is always full to capacity at the start of the semester, and they have to assume all those students will continue on to 120. But by the end, about 1/4 of the class (20 people or so) will likely drop out or fail, so there will be seats available. In my 120 class there were several LPNs who had not completed their pre-reqs, so you will likely get a seat. Some of them were informed of the opening just a couple of weeks before the semester started, so hang in there! Good luck
  4. by   jm88
    Thank you for the reply! But no, I'm not an LPN, just a regular student with ALL of my classes completed except for nutrition which will be done in december.
  5. by   Clovery
    Oh, I misunderstood your post...

    Well I know of at least 2 people that were in my 119 class who got in from the wait list at the last minute. They didn't have all of their pre-reqs done. Some people who get in will not pass the background check, and others will probably not enter the program for various other reasons. So I think you still have a good chance, especially considering you will have your pre-reqs done. I don't think they consider GPA or the entrance exam score... as long as you have whatever the minimum requirement is. I'm not sure they will tell you your place on the waitlist. When I had to do it, the background checks were "due" sometime around halloween, so if people fail that, you might hear from them in November.

    Good luck again!
  6. by   jm88
    Well that was a little bit of encouragement, thank you!!
  7. by   nik415
    I got wait-listed too. I wasn't too bummed about it because after this semester I'll have all my prereqs done; and if I don't get in I'm gonna go be an EMT or volunteer at a hospital or something. I've already picked up the form for Fall so I'll be ready to go if I don't get in. Good luck to you!
  8. by   ScarletKnights11
    Hey guys
    I'm applying to BCC for fall 2012. I have my bachelors degree but will still have 4 prereqs to be completed when I mail in my form on Nov 1st. In the spring I'm taking a &p 2, nutrition, and statistics so that will leave micro. I know they said they only look at whats completed in december but if i get on the waiting list do you think they would look and see that i'm taking those classes? If i don't end up getting in, i'll reapply for the spring..when do the intent to enroll forms need to be in for the spring semester? I think it's april 1st but i'm not positive. Good luck to all of you !
  9. by   Clovery
    not sure when the forms are due, but if you're registered for your prereqs, then they do take that into consideration. register for micro in the summer if you can.
  10. by   ScarletKnights11
    @clovery..thanks for the response! thats good to know that they acknowledge the fact that you are enrolled in the courses. I also figured out when the spring ones are due and in that case i'd be done everything besides Micro which I would take in the summer most likely and hopefully they will look at that because that would be my final pre-req. Are you currently in the program? I'm excited but determined to get these pre-reqs done and i'm also applying to GCC's program and am currently taking classes there and the HESI a2. Good luck!
  11. by   Clovery
    yep i'm in the bcc program. i think when i was admitted i had about 4 pre-reqs "pending" - was enrolled for them in the summer semester but hadn't even started the classes yet. it's hard to remember - seems like forever ago!

    good luck to you!
  12. by   nik415
    On Saturday (12/3/11) I got a letter saying I had been accepted for Spring 2012! I was so surprised because I had just given up on getting in. Has anyone else gotten in?
  13. by   danibeau
    hey yeah i'm in spring 2012

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