Burlington County College nursing, waitlisted for fall 2011?

  1. Yesterday I received a response from my intent to enroll form stating that I was put on the waitlist for the fall nursing program. This semester is my last semester of pre and coreq's and I live in county. My question is: has anyone, or does anyone know someone who has, gotten in from the waitlist? I'm mostly curious as to what to expect, I hate this waiting game, and I feel like I more than likely won't get in this year so I'm just looking to see if anyone on the waitlist actually gets lucky. Thanks!

    ps. I am aware of the fact that the wait list goes from semester to semester, so I don't need anything explained I would just like input and opinions! thanks!
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  3. by   KGMM
    I personally know one person that was on the wait list and then got the call literally days before the end of the fall 2010 semester to start the program spring 2011. I have heard of a few others but I only personally know of this one for sure myself. So I guess it can happen! Good luck! I got in so would be nice to know some more people for the fall!
  4. by   jm88
    That's what I worry about! I have an infant son and a wedding to plan, I'd hate to get a call last minute and have to drop everything!
  5. by   JoBamsMom
    I have also been waitlisted. My hs transcripts were sorta overlooked. I am just planning as if I won't be accepted. I'm registering my son for preschool, and I'm
    going to submit my intent to enroll for the spring 2011 semester. I figure if I get accepted before July, I'll have enough time to enroll my kids in daycare, and complete whatever is needed prior to the 1st class, but if I find out in august, I might have to decline. It would depend on how quickly I can get everything done. Does anyone know how many people are actually on the waiting list? I HATE this uncertainty!
  6. by   PhilliesFan26
    This is where I went and we had one guy in our class who was on the waitlist and was notified a little less than 3 weeks before the semester started that there was an open spot! Anyone else I know/talked to hasn't been so lucky.. Good luck! xoxo

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