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I just got accepted into brookdale community college in lincroft nursing program I start this January the 22 2014 anyone recently graduate that can give me a lot of info about it and what to expect... Read More

  1. by   khloe-Ashlee
    Hi I had some questions , I'm an lpn I took the hesi and went to the info session . I read in a previous pos that the online program for the transition started right away and there wasn't any wait list ? Also what book can I use for the exam for the final hesi to try to get placed in nursing 261. How was the program any pointer ?
  2. by   khloe-Ashlee
    Is it ok if I sent you an email . I had questions about the program lpn to rn track ?
  3. by   Misskeena1
    Thinking about taking the online courses at BCC how's things going for you?
  4. by   Honeybee27
    Planning to take Hesi very soon. I know once you have that complete, you get put on wait list. How long is waiting list? Also, when is the next information session?
  5. by   khloe-Ashlee
    you have to call the nursing office to get dates and times when its offered, once you do the session they will send you documentation for the next step
  6. by   Joeym928
    Does brookdale offer tutoring for the nclex near the end of the program?
  7. by   MayGirl2013
    Hi! How many hours a day did you spend studying? How much time did you devote to lab portion in order to successfully test out each week? Also I'm interested in Saturday clinicals- how long are those? I probably will have more questions but these are it for now. Thanks!!
  8. by   MayGirl2013
    Hi how was the brookdale program?

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