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Bergen Community College Evening RN program

  1. 0 Hi all! I just got accepted in the evening RN program at Bergen Community College for the 2012 spring semester and was wondering if anybody know the times that the program run in the evening. And also the professors that teach, who is a good professor and i would like to know teaches the clinical at St Josephs hospital in paterson, i would love to have my clinical there. thanks!
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    Hi Nazmeen and Congratulations!

    I have also been accepted to the Evening Nursing Program at Bergen Community College. I have finally been allowed to register for classes, after 2 weeks of running into error messsages.

    Not sure if you are still looking for class times, but the typical schedule is M-TH approx 530p to 1015p or so. Depending on which M and T classes you got into.

    Hope this helps and hope to see you in class, my name is Grace!

    Good luck next semester!
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    Congrats to you also! I signed up for classes already, I'm
    On section 601. You?
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    Hi I am from ny and I am interested in going to bergen community college. How do you like it? Also have you heard anything about Lincoln tech lpn program in Paramus?
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    Is that the one in bergen mall? better choose rn route right away if you can, lpn probably another year