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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

  1. by   moojie
    You sure that person is a BCC student? I saw that date too, but it was for a HESI thread not specifically a Bergen thread.

    And if you are an honors student, then you have priority registration. You have to have them manually over ride your registration date. That always happens, unfortunately. So have you taken any honors courses yet? If so, which?
  2. by   moojie
    It appears that person with the May 14th deadline is applying for Maricopa Community College(in Phoenix)...There is still hope this torture is over UkGirl! lol.
  3. by   ukgirl7655
    I know!! HAhaha!! I just realized that!! I was forgetting which thread is which...thank GOODNESS!!!

    I haven't taken any honors classes yet....but wait, so how do I get them to override the registration block??? Can I e-mail someone to do that?! PLEASE don't tell me I have to go to Bergen in person....PLEASE!!!!!
  4. by   moojie
    Well Prof. Altman or Prof. Makoweicka has to look at your GPA and give you a letter to enter you into the program. Ask them if they can write it up and you can pick it up somewhere at your convenience. They will enter you into the system, and hopefully, you will be able to register asap. IF it does not come up right away, which honestly it probably won't because this is always an issue, then you have to go get it over rode in the registration room by the person at the desk. It is a pain, I know. LOL. But if they do it right then and there, you will be able to register right away. Good luck dear!
  5. by   msfutureRN20
    OMG you guys just scared me about the whole May 14th thing. I was like OOH NOO NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT EVEN LONGER.

    But nevermind..... back to -> and also -> (wondering if we get in)

    I really think you guys are in.. you did GREAT... see me I'm in the upper 80's.... sooo HOPEFULLY I DO GET IN WITH YOU GUYS. I did good, but I wanted 90 or above, not high 80's. But high 80's is way better than the low 80's.
  6. by   moojie
    tdag, I think you got this I only know of four people, including those on this site, who have gotten high 80 scores and believe me, I have asked A LOT. Majority just say "I did not do well at all", which is sad, but is also reflected in the average score of 67. I wish they gave us the standard deviation, because maybe I could put some of the junk I learned in my Statistics class to work to figure out what the cutoff is:/ W/e. lol. I am getting tired of stressing over this madness. LOL.
  7. by   msfutureRN20
    Okay, thanks.. that does make me feel a lot better, even though I still feel bad for the ones who didn't do as well as they wanted b.c. I'm sure they wanna get in as bad as I do..

    I think I stand a fair chance though, we'll see.

    I haven't talked to many people besides those who are on this thread. So our three scores are the only ones I know of so far, me, you and UKgirl
  8. by   kk101
    Hi -

    I have been reading this forum over the last few days and finally registered so I can post.

    I know waiting is torturing a lot of people.

    Bergen sent out those letters to do a background check then take the exam in waves over time periods. I just got a letter with information on a background check maybe two weeks ago. My background check came back on Monday allowing me to register to take the HESI exam.

    The last date for my "wave" of whoever got the letter the same time as me is May 19th.

    So... I don't think they are going to send out letters before the end of May, early June.

    But I just wanted to let you guys know that not everyone has taken the exam yet.

    I wish I could have taken the exam earlier because I have been reading forums and I hear so many mixed things that it's making more way more anxious now than I would have been in February. If you guys have any suggestions on how to not be so insane, or a particular area I need to study the most, I'd appreciate it.
  9. by   ukgirl7655 happy as I am for you that you have until May 19th...I am so ANNOYED!!!!!!! UGH! Why did they FORCE us to take this thing so early if it didn't matter either way?! The whole "wave" process of having some people take it in March, then April and now the end of May is a load of crap. Again, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with you and I truly am not aggravated with anyone who is taking it's just all the drama that I went thru for a 2 week period of time from March 1st until March 17th, had only 2 weeks to prepare, AND had to jump thru hoops with my eyes closed, hands tide behind my back and on one foot....only to see that others had till almost June.

    I can say with all certainty that while I am fine with my score I would have done much better still had I had another month or 2 to study. I was crammin that stuff in morning, noon and night yall!! Haha!! At work, on my lunch break, thru the weekends AND had to beg for work to give me a day off with short notice so I could go take it. Not to mention that I totally got lost in downtown Patterson on my way!! No offense to anyone from Patterson, but a Kentucky girl like myself has NO business in downtown Patterson!!! LOL!!

    Well, kk101 - good luck on the test!!!! Have you been gettin at it much yet?
  10. by   kk101
    Honestly, I haven't..

    I have the HESI review book- I'm hoping that will be sufficient enough.

    I looked through the vocab, math, and reading exercises in there and thought it was really easy.

    I'm really worried about the biology and chemistry portions though.

    I've been reading about that on the internet for the most part...

    I know its not towards me, I personally would have loved to take it as soon as possible. I just want to get it over with. I get more anxious as the time goes by, and I'm spending time now studying everything--

    Hoping it works out, but I guess they did it as people applied- I'm honestly not sure- I applied early February and I got the letter April 16th. I want to get in this program so bad, but, I feel like it's going to be impossible.
  11. by   ukgirl7655
    Yeah, I think the date they receive the application dictates when the cut-off is to take the test. I still don't fully understand WHY it matters if we still find out by the same date and we still have to schedule our tests at a center that has seats available...I mean, it's not like BCC has to grade the tests all at once because it technically doesn't have anything to do with them. Whatever.

    Yeah, the reading/comprehension, grammar, math, vocab was pretty's the bio and chem that got me. I felt like the questions they asked were kind of random, but specific. You either knew the answer without question or you were like ,"whaaaa?....". I had to guess on a few of each based on what I could make sense of in the question and what I could rule out in the answer options. I wish I knew how to offer advise on those 2 but honestly, if I had to take it again right now I wouldn't know where to go to find the info I was unsure of the first time around.

    Man....May 19th is so far away! I don't want to wait that long!! Look what you have done kk101! Haha! J/K

  12. by   msfutureRN20
    ughhh that is soooo annoying (that we have to wait even longer), LOL but I can still say Good Luck kk101 and of course it is not your fault at all!

    I think we can all agree that the bio and chem were the two sections that faired somewhat more difficult. Honestly, the math and the english were very basic and pretty much a piece of cake..

    The bio, I thought, wasn't bad, and I thought the review book helped a lot, however, MANY others will disagree with that.. it is just my personal opinion. I reviewed the book and wasn't totally clueless with the bio.. there were a few things I knew, and a few things I didn't.

    The chem- review any chem notes you have..! This was the section I had trouble on..

    Anyway, hope that helps you, and good luck to you and to all of us.
    I wonder if the people who took it sooner will find out if they're in sooner, what do u guys think? Or will everybodyy get the info at the same time??? HMMMM....
  13. by   kk101
    I talked to someone at Bergen in admissions for the nursing and she told me everyone will find out the same exact date basically give or take a day or two-- b/c when I heard people had taken the exam in March and such, I went there and asked a MILLION questions b/c I was so afraid that I was going to get a rejection letter or something lol and I have a 4.0 in all the classes I have taken, and a 3.78 from my other degree.

    But, she said everyone finds out the same date because it depends on who scores and such...

    I'm hoping I'm not clueless about the stuff and I basically just plan on studying as much as possible, making sure I know the formulas etc...

    I tend to overstudy though and drive myself insane lol... I bet we can all relate...